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What are some of the most fuel efficient cars?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

hybrids are ok if you know of any.

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Toyota Prius 48 city/45highway

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A bicycle.

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I average 35 mpg city and low 40s hwy with a 2002 Toyota Echo.
Then there’s my bike, my new transport method for work—I proclamation I made a few months back if gas hit $4—free mpgs weather permitting.

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what about some american cars guys? not dissin the other ones but i for one cannot buy a non american car

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I have a 2008 Toyota Yaris (3 door). It’s super cute and really, really good on gas. it’s almost as good as a hybrid and a hell of a lot cheaper. It is really well made, so you won’t have to worry about maintainance.

I drive about 12 miles to and from work every day, plus wherever I go on the weekends and it costs about $35 to fill my tank (gas is about $4.96 here) and I only have to fill it about once every two weeks.

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@ bridold ~ that great! Toyota replaced the Echo with the Yaris.

Have you guys seen the new smartcars Toyota and BMW have out?

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I see those smart cars all the time in San Francsico.

As for hybrids, the new VW Golf Hybrid is coming out soon and it supposedly gets 70mpg.

And as for whoever asked about American cars- sorry buddy, no American car currently gets better then 35 mpg. Which is pathetic.

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@ jballou, yeah i know its pretty sad, but 35 is much better than my jeep’s 14

but you are actually wrong
read this

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Apparently Volkswagen is working on a Jetta that will get 60mpg in 2009.

Let me find the link ;)

Here it is, coming this summer !

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A good place to research is – if you go there you can see a list of search all hybrids for example.

I’m glad to hear that VW is finally coming out with hybrids. I’ve had 3 manual trans. Golfs, and averaged close to 30 MPG on all of them over a combined total of 500,000+ miles. I recently purchased a manual Mini Cooper S… and even with the faster Sport engine, my average is 32 MPG!! The regular Mini with manual trans would do a few MPGs better and is still fun to drive.

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At the moment the new BMW 5 series are hard to beat….look out for the new ford fiesta as well

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