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What are your expectations of the new Star Trek movie?

Asked by antimatter (4414points) March 20th, 2013

I’ve read the gossip sites and it seems that there are mixed opinions regarding the new Star Trek movie, what are your expectations of the new Star Trek movie?

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Going to beat raginloli. It’s going to be GREAT!!! :-)

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I expect it to be another piece of inane action schlock, like the last one.
Same “writers”, same “director”.
Actually, it has Lindelof as a third writer, so it will be even worse than the 2009 abomination.

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@ragingloli I’m not familiar with Lindelof. What did he eviscerate?

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That it will be bad_a$$

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Lindelof, of “Lost” infamy, and the “Prometheus” disaster.

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It’s sci-fi, which for me means, it can’t be anything but freaking awesome.

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I think the JJ Abrams did a good job with the previos film and I cant wait for the release!

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@ragingloli I’m totally with you on Prometheus. Everybody was having wet dreams over that movie and I thought it was absolutely horrible. I kept wanting to scream, “Professional astronauts wouldn’t ACT like that!!:”

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I expect it to be as good as the past movies.

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Yeah. The moment that female “scientist” said “it’s what I chose to believe”, I wanted her to be the first to die.
And that “scientist” that said he was only in it for the money? I was like, WTF?! You are one of the few people selected to go on a deep space exploration mission to possibly be the first people in the entirety of human history to make contact with an alien species or at least discover that there are other civilisations in the universe, and you are only interested in the money? Where is your excitement as a fucking scientist you idiot?

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@ragingloli And the captain having sex while he has two clowns people trapped inside an unknown alien spaceship? And taking off your helmet inside said spaceship? And… and…

The “What I chose to believe” comment bugged me too. You’re a frakking scientist. It’s totally irrelevant what you believe. What is important is what the data show.

I get the whole trying to be a prequel to Alien. I really do. But it seems like the writers were saying, “This would be a cool CGI effect, and THAT would be a cool CGI effect. Let’s write a story to connect the CGI effects.”

That all said, and I say this as someone who has performed c-sections, the self c-section scene, although totally unrealistic, was really kind of cool. (Although the c-section scene in the Walking Dead is WAAAAY better).

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Somehow I doubt she could run around like that after that procedure with her abdominal muscles cut

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And where did the tentacle monster get all the biomass to grow to that size while being locked in that room?

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I really liked the Reboot more for what it did for the franchise (reboot it!) than its direction or acting. The next one certainly has a LOT of potential but I suppose I should not get my hopes up for the reasons already cited for the last one.

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So far the most interesting thing about the movie was watching Wikipedia have an edit war over the title. Quick recap – they couldn’t decide if the i in into should be capitalised or not and for a long time they were referring to it as Star Trek into Darkness (usually written as Star Trek Into Darkness

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Since the last movie just ripped off Star Wars, my expectations are mercifully low.

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It’s going to be kind of spacey. A bunch of red shirts will die. It will probably be a boring way to spend three hours.

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Action packed, cliche driven, some time travel, and a glimpse of old Spock.(he never dies). In other words, same old, same old…bound to make tons of money, and you will forget it the moment you walk out of the theatre.

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I expect greatness. After all, Sherlock is in it!

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Lots of good humor.

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Lets hope if will be worth it.

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To me, Star Trek always seemed character driven, with the relationship between Kirk, Spock and Bones taking center stage. Sci-Fi provided a platform which allowed viewers to observe this relationship as they addressed interesting social dilemmas. Despite whatever adventure they encountered, I always looked forward to seeing the three primaries interact.

The reboot did a pretty good job, in my opinion, establishing the origins of that relationship. A lot of the original serie’s humor was captured as well. I didn’t particularly care for the planet Vulcan being destroyed, and watching Kirk and Spock at odds for most of the movie wasn’t particularly enjoyable but it told a convincing story of how the three primaries met.

Ok…the groundwork has been laid. What I’d like to see now is more of the famous friendship. I suspect, though, that the very thing I like best about Star Trek may be better suited for tv. It’s probably more practical to give the ticket buyer a big budget, effects driven extravaganza.

Then again, the reboot was nowhere near as bad as I imagined in would be. It was actually pretty darned good. Maybe the follow-up will give us a serviceable adventure without totally sacrificing what made Star Trek great.

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It was barely better than Star Trek V(the one where they look for God), and that is only because it has better effects.

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@ragingloli Star Trek V was the worst! Row Row Row Your Boat? Seriously?

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@ragingloli I won’t argue that observation. But, I’ve never watched any of the Trek movies (original cast) for the fantastic storyline…

…I just look forward to visiting Kirk, Spock and Bones. I like it even better when the three of them share scenes. That, to me, is Star Trek defined.

Everything else is incidental.

If you don’t get that core relationship right, you don’t have Star Trek.

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@SABOTEUR Agree with Rags on this one. That triad of relationship between KSB as you like, wasn’t there the first movie at all. You got a little of the Kirk/Spock friendship at the end, and Bones said the standard McCoy to Spock lines “Who was that pointy eared bastard?” and “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” But those lines were gratuitous to me—they were almost there for comic relief. That said, you can hardly expect that to develop in two hours when it took many hours of TV episodes to develop it.

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I saw the premier of the first Star Trek movie. That film is atrocious in retrospect. It was a huge event to me at the time because Star Trek finally returned. Seen only in reruns on tv, it was amazing to see these beloved characters on the big screen for the first time. I didn’t care or even think about whether the movie version was like the TV version…or whether the film was “good” or not. I was just glad to see Star Trek again.

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I approach my favorite book series the same way; most notably Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series. I read reviews and critiques on how good each new novel is, comparing the relative quality of the early books against later “inferior” entries. These negative reviews and critiques don’t “get it”.

The series didn’t become popular because of it’s literary quality. It’s popular because fans look forward to visiting familiar ongoing characters. Sometimes, simply visiting people you like is enough.

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I grow up with all the Star Trek’s even the very disappointing Enterprise kept me a faithful fan, I don’t care what the critics say but Star Trek will be always my no 1 show

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You guys should dig up the movie Free Enterprise from the 90s. Brilliant.

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