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How about a game with our usernames?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ll start with mine. I’m “notreallyhere to:
Bring up anything interesting
Get lurve
Be loved

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Maybe a little more elaboration, but if it’s like the name game then I’ll go first.


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I guess we can use our usernames to create sentences or statements

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It’s hard with yours

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“Sometimes when I space out it’s like I’m Notreallyhere.”

Like That?

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You got it. But if we try to insult(as a joke) each other could be more fun… Or not. I don’t know

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Do you like to playthebanjo all night long?

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As in. “I think it would be better if some of your answers were notreallyhere”.

I feel bad now.

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You won’t after I finish with yours

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n“osullivanbr“oke down beause of your weight. Sorry is stupid. I got nothing

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Would it make you feel better if I pretended to be offended. Good try. Bless.

Better than I was expecting though.

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How about: after “eambros” went to the “marina” to buy a “fabulous” piece of fruit, he met a “wizard” who was only “seVen”. After that “gailcalled” but when “allie” turned around to see she was “notreallyhere”.

Oh hell I don’t know.

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I didn’t know there were “Allie“ns on Fluther

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Everything’s spinning! The doctors say I’m in a state of delirium.

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“Breanne” was scared to walk down the dark “Allie” near the “Marina” because she was afraid someone would “Buster” in the eye.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

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The conversations on fluther that sadly proof how rediculously easily entertained we are have recently been spreading like a “wildflower”.

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“I’m so complex that I’d have to give an intro 24 hours of the day to fully explain myself”... I got nothing. Why did I pick this name?

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“johnpowell” walked around the block saying “hearkat” because he lost his kitten. Little did he know she was hiding behind some hu“mangus” rocks. From behind some “shrubbery” a killer popped out, JP yelled “backoff!” and he killer “scamp“ered away.

Ok, I’m done.

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my user name can’t do much unless it’s split up.

Before the party Pete went down to the local blacksmith shop to buy a pot so that he would be able to make fish head soup to serve his guests.

ok, that was dumb.

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Pete loved his cannabis so much that his friends called him The Pothead.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beadholder.

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nice rack. No wonder they call you the beadholder

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Notreallyhere: P.S. – The “Allie“n one was kind of cute. I like it. =]

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@Notreally: you like that?
@simone: LMAO

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Supernutjob yelled, “Gimmedat,” when NVOldguy tried to steal the username “Acrazycouple.” Do I have the concept right?

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I threw a bulb at ron 9 days ago!

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Clever. I was trying to think of one with your name. It might help if I knew what the heck a bulbatron was. I imagine it’s some winged creature who likes to kick it under a pier by the beach. =]

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aww I got mentioned, thanks Allie! I’m afraid I can’t think of anything though :(

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When Allie confronted petethepothead about the wildflower behind the shrubbery, johnpowell spoke up and said it’s notreallyhere. Gailcalled to say it belonged to thebeadholder also known as buster. Later at the marina, susanc was 2late2be trustinglife and went out for some pupntaco.

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Can’t top that! But I will say that you have to be rich to go to marshall field’s.

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(Blank stare; Shakes head back and forth)

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the sun is 8lightminutesaway!

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If you run into problems with the game, “Bri_L” help you.

(boy was I feeling left out)

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