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What's the purpose of Kobe's slinky arm sleeve thingy?

Asked by andrew (16353points) June 12th, 2008

I’m assuming it’s more than just fashion or to help me pick him out on the court.

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To prevent the sweat of his arm from moistening his hand, reducing his grip on the ball. It is like a headband for the arm. If you ask me, it looks pretty dumb.

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As far as I know he hyper-extended his right elbow a while ago. It is for medical purposes.

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Eambos: Does he think the pores on his forearm and hand don’t produce sweat? Just the ones from the band up, I guess.

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I must be thinking of the wrong arm thingy. The one I was envisioning was an under-armor like sleve. I haven’t been watching basketball for a while. Ignore my previous post.

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What he is wearing is probably making him sweat more. I have had to wear similar things when I sprained my ankle.

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He’s a bitch, that’s what’s up with his arm sleeve.

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