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How much alcohol should I buy for mojitos for a wedding reception?

Asked by Pietro (65points) June 12th, 2008

We will have 140 people at our wedding reception and are doing our own bar. We will have beer, wine, and 1 or 2 mixed drinks. We like mojitos – how much alcohol for the mojitos should I buy?

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Each 22-oz bottle of Bacardi will make 11 Mojitos at 2 ounces of rum per drink. Assume only a third of those attending will be having Mojitos, so that’s maybe 50 drinks total. Five bottles will do.

You’ll also need 25 fresh limes, a bottle of simple syrup, 50 sprigs of fresh mint, a couple bottles of mineral water to top, and don’t forget the ice and a muddler.

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PupnTaco, nice answer! If it’s going to be hot, though, you might up the supplies. Mojitos are sure to be popular!

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I would say about 6 Bottles just to be one the safe side. You never know….But Pupn…Has a great answer.

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15 bottles worth and what you have left over take it with you on thx honeymoon.

I guess all depends on how hammered everyone will get.

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With the same glassware, you could also offer a Tom Collins. Great hot-weather drink. You’d need the same amounts of gin, lemons, simple syrup, and mineral water, plus maraschino cherries for a garnish… and a lime wedge if you’re West Coast, orange wheel otherwise.

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RecipeZaar has a great mojito recipe at I made these for a party a few weeks ago and I’m not sure we got 10 drinks out of each pitcher, maybe more like 6 or 8 (we were using 8-oz plastic glasses). If you add more club soda, the rum will stretch farther. I would say buy more rum than you think you’ll need—most liquor stores will let you return any unopened bottles. Fresh limes are really the key but if you don’t have a juicer, be prepared to use some elbow grease!

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Thanks a lot – this is a huge help!

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if you have time, please see my same question about sangria

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