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Do you use sunscreen after 3:00 P.M.?

Asked by gimmedat (3946points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I have always heard that after about 3:00 P.M. you will not be harmed by the sun, so I don’t bother with sunscreen at the pool after this time. Yet, I always see people slathering themselves and their kids. I personally do not burn anyhow, but I’ve been wondering if I’m simply ill informed.

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I know that it is hard to imagine but in 30 years you will be growing odd things on your skin and have your dermatologist’s phone number on speed dial.

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I don’t use sunscreen at all, actually. Not even at the beach.

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@gail…I am already old. In 30 years I’ll have to have the urologist, gastroentorologist (sp), and the psychiatrist all on speed dial!

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You won’t get as much sun damage as it gets later in the afternoon. But if the sun is out and you have skin that burns easily, then it’s safer to just wear sunscreen.

But now they’re saying that wearing too much sunscreen is also bad for you, since you do need some exposure to the sun everyday, to get vitamin D. Sunscreen blocks that process.

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Add Physical Therapist, Podiatrist, Ophthamologist, ENT specialist, Rheumatologist, and a secretary to keep all your medical appointments and insurance snafus straight.

You don’t know from old, I promise. (gastroenter… – don’t ask how I know how to spell it. Think colonoscopy- or perhaps, don’t.)

The interesting question is whether people with dark skin get skin cancers? Probably not since the nearer the equator, the darker the skins of the indigenous population.

I think that 20 minutes outside w/o sunblock gives you enough D, but I take 1200 mg supp. of D 3 daily, as do all my doctors, including the dermatologist.

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People with darker skin are a lot less likely to get skin cancer.

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Not quite true. Dark skinned people are unlikely to get sunburn but they are at risk for melanomas.

Check out this site: Skin types and skin cancer issues

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I agree with Gail, 20 minutes without sunscreen to get a little color and vitamin D (after that, I just burn). At 3 p.m. sun still seems strong, at 5 p.m. probably ok.

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@ gail – from the link you gave, “There are six skin phototypes, going from light to dark. Individuals with skin types I and II face the highest risk of developing skin cancer, while types V and VI are at the lowest risk. That is because those with more pigmentation have more natural protection from the sun. However, people with darker skin can nonetheless get skin cancer.”
That’s what I was trying to say. People with darker skin can of course get melanoma but they are less likely or as the article put it “at the lowest risk”

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Only if I’m gonna be in the sun! – and even then it depends on where. Around here the sun isn’t that strong, so regular moisturiser will do unless I’m spending the whole day outside.

I’m fairly certain the sun can affect you at any time of the day if you’re directly in its light, but depends how long your staying there, how much SPF goodness you’ll need (personally I don’t use anything higher than 15 on holiday and 5 at home)

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I don’t slather myself or my boys after 3:00 or before 10:00 a.m. I figure I can’t be screwing up too badly because none of us have been burned during those hours. When we are outside or at the pool, I do slather us all up several times throughout the day, I just stop after 3:00.

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I’m guilty of rarely ever wearing sunscreen. I don’t burn easily at all, but I really should start…

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Yes, using sunblock after 3:00PM is a great idea. The sun rays are not as intense but can still cause sun burn and cancer. It is highly recommended to use after 3:00PM.

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