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Are there any home remedies for ear aches?

Asked by cd7301 (61points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

had an ear ache for a couple days. Don’t want to go to the doctor

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I think heat helps. Try puttig a heat pad on it.

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take a styrofoam cup and put some wet paper towel inside. then put the cup to your ear for about 20 minutes.

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yeah. it helps equalize the pressure in both ears or something on the lines of that.

i know this because my moms uncle was the guy who discovered that balance is controlled by the ear and he did other sinus related research. he won a nobel prize, so i read up on him.

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If you ear has been hurting for for a couple of days and won’t go away you might have an ear infection. It will not go away unless you get medication for it. It would be wise to get it checked out ASAP. You could get worse and even be an infection in the middle ear which will cause you to get dizzy.

Good luck.

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Sign release form first…ok, now warm up some cooking oil and put in a couple of drops

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If you are going to do as stated above. I recommend olive oil and make sure it isn’t too hot!

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Check out this cool website on natural/home remedies. It gives you lots of options. Hope your ear ache goes away soon!

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Try blowing a hairdryer in your ear on low heat.

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A couple of drops of warm Olive Oil….

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