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Anyone been to S. Korea?

Asked by honniemac (76points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

What is the cost of living there? How easy is it to hop over to other parts of Asia? Is it easy to get by without knowing the local language?

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my cousin went travelling round asia, and he remarked that everything had to be on time. if you were late for a train/ferry/bus, it would leave without you. he had trouble finding a place to stay, probably because he didnt know anyone there, and ended up sleeping in a korean mcdonalds. its always good to have someone who you can fall back on in case something unexpected happens.

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They always get awsome tech first, I think.

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I live there…

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i’ve been to south korea. compared to other countries, it was kind of pricey although not as expensive as japan. english is not spoken widely but it was easy to get around with a taxi and a lot of hand language and smiling. just make sure you have a calling card of the place you’re staying, in case you get lost. it would be easier to hop around other asian countries if korea is not your starting point. thailand would be a better starting point.

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