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If you could bring back one past president to serve the upcoming term, who would it be?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) June 12th, 2008

For me it would have to be Abraham Lincoln.

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I agree with your answer – Abe Lincoln. He was able to get things done even during times of conflict (the Homestead Act passed, the Pacific Railway Act passed, and Nevada was established as a state). He was able to hold an election while the Civil War was raging. He had a good plan for bringing the North and the South back together (Reconstruction) and tried to make it as easy as possible with little animosity between the two, unfortunately he was assassinated before he could turn his plan into action.

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after this one…anyone would do

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FDR. Led the country through a difficult economic period (like now) and to victory in World War II (sort of like now).

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The first Bush. Let him clean up his idiot sons mess. He should be used to it by now.

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Thomas Jefferson would probably be somewhat controversial, and a lot of people wouldn’t like him, but at least he’d be smart, and when he did things he’d know why he did them.

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Not a president, but I would like to bring back Alexander Hamilton to serve as president. If not Hamilton, then probably FDR or Woodrow Wilson

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okay this question is weird. First of all, if we brought back any president would he have the same views has he did when he was in office? If so then any of the presidents before the civil rights movement would be completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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NIXON! haha

Can I say Dan Quail? Though never technically a president, even he would be an improvement.

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How about John F. Kennedy?

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Good call nayeight.

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Wasn’t Lincoln before the Civil Rights Movement?

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Um, yes he was. That must make him racist.

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not a president.

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