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Is Applebee's or O'Charley's better to work at?

Asked by brinb (11points) March 28th, 2013

I currently work at Applebee’s as a server; the tips are decent, however I have an interview at O’Charley’s on Tuesday. I’ve never eaten there before, so I’m not sure how good their business is, but it’s much closer than the Applebee’s location I work at.
Help! All opinions are welcome!

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Take a couple of your friends in this weekend and see for yourself.

In my experience the workplace is good or bad depending on how productive you are. The most productive workers get all the privileges.

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It really depends on the manager of the specific places where you work IMO. A good manager can make or break a restaurant job.

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It definitely depends on the specific place and not the chain itself. However, I’m not a fan of the way Applebees restaurants are usually set up inside (and they all tend to be similar from what I’ve seen) so I would probably go for the other place. Obviously that’s just a personal preference, though. I’d check out O’Charley’s and decide for yourself which place you like better.

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Never heard of O’Charleys, but Applebee’s sounds pretty terrible.

Waiting tables is a tough line of work. Good luck!

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Everything I’ve heard about the work environment at Applebee’s is negative. A quick search turned up this and this both backing up that negative view. I’m not familiar with the O’Charley’s chain but a similar search on Google found this‘charley’s/reviews and this. Note that rated both, with O’Charley’s doing slightly better. See what they offer you. Frankly discuss the concerns you have with your current job.

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I agree with @keobooks.

As far as being a customer I much prefer O’Charleys, although neither place is in the top 5 of chain restaurants for my taste. If it were up to me, all things being fairly equal I would work at O’Charleys if it was a shorter commute.

I think @YARNLADY gave a good suggestion to go to the restaurant and see what the traffic is like. Keep in mind this weekend is Easter so it will be an unusual weekend.

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I know nothing about O’Charley’s but have heard lots of bad things about Applebee’s. A surprising number of the women on the forum say they turned to exotic dancing after bad experiences at Applebee’s, and they felt they were treated better in the strip club (not to mention the better pay).

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