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So strippers get paid by the hour?

Asked by courtneyxcupxakes (33points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

So my tax question earlier was a hot topic and it got me thinking… Strippers get paid a lot in cash. Im assuming that those count as tips and they get paid in a similar wait to say a waitress or waiter? Idk. Anyone know? Are taxes taken out?

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I don’t know but now that you mention it next time I’ll bring a 1099a form for them to sign. Maybe I’ll get some credit

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and if you wanna switch jobs, your secret is safe

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I’ve found that strippers don’t like it when you tip them in quarters.

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BY THE HOUR!?!? How many layers do they have on?!

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Taxes should be taken out. They are considered tips by the federal government. Does that actually happen. Probably not.

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strippers get paid in dollars, not hours. Who would work for an hour? : )

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I think I’ll pass on the job change.

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They should record all their tips at the end of their “shift” for tax purposes, but I don’t know if they do all the time. I use to know a few strippers that did pay taxes on their tips.

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Im a stripper and no strip club pays their girls hourly (except for peep-show dancers behind glass, but thats different). There is no guarantee that you’ll go home with any money at all, but also there is no limit on how much you can make. Strippers are independant contractors and not all clubs report their girls to the IRS. If they dont then its soley up to the dancer if she wants to file for taxes because the governement has no knowledge of where she works.

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