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Where can I find a Medical Doctor's (M.D.'s) who has a Ph.D's as well in Medical Science?

Asked by talljasperman (21837points) March 29th, 2013

I would assume that any M.D. student’s classes would be taught by a M.D. Ph.D. in a university attached to a major hospital… Like the University of Alberta attached to a University of Alberta Hospital.

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I think medical researchers are usually MD PhD’s. I’m not 100% sure though.

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Easy enough to do the research on prerequisites for medical research.

“Medical scientists typically need a Ph.D., usually in biology or a related life science, from an accredited postsecondary institution. Some medical scientists get a medical degree instead of a Ph.D. but prefer doing research to practicing as a physician. It is helpful for medical scientists to have both a Ph.D. and a medical degree.” Source

MD’s teach medical students their medical courses.

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I’m not convinced that there is a requirement that university courses in medicine be taught by lecturers who have both an MD and a PhD. I suspect that one of the two would be required, except in unusual circumstances (say, all the most qualified people go on sabbatical at the same time, or the one person who usually teaches a specialized course dies – this kind of thing can happen occasionally).

I had a look around a few of the U of A and U of C medical degree web pages, and (unsurprisingly) there’s no consistent information about lecturers’ qualifications. Logically, you would expect that if it’s a decent med school, almost all of the courses will be given by either an MD or a PhD, or both. Probably the best way to find out for sure if there’s a minimum qualification for lecturing is to call the department and ask the program administrator. If this is for yourself, you could ask your prof (though… not in an “are you sure you’re qualified to be teaching this course” kind of way).

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On Kaiser, we have the option to do a full search on the list of doctors we can choose. If there is a Medical Society in your area, you can request a full background or list of Doctors that fit your requirements.

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I live in Alberta. On which discipline are you focussed?

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@Dr Lawrence Psychiatry…

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University would have4 a list of Doctors with Ph’D wouldn’t they.
As a requirtement for employers.( reference checks)
College of Physicians and Surgeons)?

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I went to medical school and some classes are taught by MD’s, some by PhD’s and some by doctors with both degrees. Having a PhD does not make for a better doctor. Usually MD’s get PhD’s because they want to go into medical research. I’m not sure where you can find a list, but if you find a doctor’s bio (most hospital or clinics have these) you will most certainly see where they went to school and a PhD would be listed. I would expect that most MD/PhD combos will be working in large university hospitals.

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