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How do you pick the perfect watermelon?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Do you sniff? What are you smelling for? Squeeze? What do you hope to feel? Share with us your secret’s…

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This question is really fruity…

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I thump it in the middle and listen for a nice resonance. It’s somewhat imprecise, but satisfying.

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Buy one that is already cut! This way you can see and feel just how ripe they are, and you can even buy seedless!

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You must look a lovely green water melon is what you are looking for, mmmmmm melons

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I would make sure that the green on it is not too light or too dark. If it is a good medium, and the feel of it is nice and sturdy, rather than all squishy, you should be good to go!

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I saw an old man in a grocery store once who looked like he was the type to know about melons. He put his ear right up against the watermelon and flicked it with one finger several times. I have no idea what he heard, but he said, “Too ripe!” and put it back and took a different one.

I wish I had asked him for a tutorial!

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I always ask someone who works there to pick mine out for me. I get most of my fruit and veggies at a store for produce only. Most of the people who works there are the people who grow what is for sale. I trust them to know what to look/listen for in a delicious watermelon – they’ve always been tasty if I let them choose for me.

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The best way to make absolutely sure you get a really good watermelon is to use a knife, cut it in half, and take a taste of the sweet meat near the heart of the melon. If you can’t tell how good a watermelon is from this method then you shouldn’t be eating it.

It is 100% fool proof!

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What about the Grocery stores? I can’t believe they would be to happy about finding little slit marks in their melons and I can just see them arresting me because they think I’m a terrorist of some sort and I’m out to poison the world. Geezzz, I’d even think that were I to see someone doing as you suggest

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Nah, not a good idea, but I thank you anyway…

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I didn’t say “little slit marks”, I said “cut it in half”.

I also wasn’t talking about the practicality of the method, only the surety of it ;-)

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