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How do you open a .dmg file?

Asked by Lost_World (1231points) June 13th, 2008

I left my computer downloading the new SDK and when I came to check if it was done it sed “verification failed” And there was a .dmg file in my downloads folder. My computer is fully up to date and has lots of memory, when I try to open the file it says it is unrecognised.

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So, you’re running a mac, right? It seems like the download might have been corrupted. Did you download it from the apple developer website, or somewhere else? Also, it’s possible that your computer missed a small bit of the download, hence the ‘verification failed’...

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I got it from apple….... not just apple…...

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The DMG and the programs that are in the SDK are all mac platform based. So it won’t run on anything else than a mac.

Also notable the mac should be intel and running 10.5 + the latest updates.

If this checks out the dmg file should work, if not you would have to download it again as it seems to be corrupted.

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DMGs are disk images. Double-clicking will open them up as a virtual disk mounted on the Desktop.

But this one didn’t download completely. Delete it & try again.

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Drat another 6 hours of slow internet.

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Wish it open

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Sounds like the file did not download completely or properly, If it did then the problem is most likely incompatibility. When you say “up to date” what do you mean? What version of leopard are you running (ie: 10.5.2,10.5.3?) if at all. Also what does your mac have for a processor?

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I have had that before but on a different. I just deleted and downloaded again. I know it sucks. But something was missed.

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