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Which of our zen masters just moved up to the 2nd floor of the mansion?

Asked by ETpro (34536points) March 30th, 2013

It’s zenvelo, of course. Can we all say a very well done to one of our treasured masters of answers to thorny questions that preplex the human mind?

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Congratulations, @zenvolo! :)

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Congrats. You always have great answers.

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Best wishes and congratulations. You may be asked to reorganize the library, but it’s a task you’d probably enjoy more than you think!

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Congrats stupid old man
Just kidding. That kids answer will probably he modded before you even see it and this won’t make any sense but what the heck. It’s funny right now.
Thanks for the wealth of wisdom. You are one of the fluther greats.

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Wooo zenvelo! Conflutherations. We’ll have to install a ramp for your zen-cycle!

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Congratulations @ zenvelo!

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Congrats Zen!!

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Party time in time for the weekend! Congratulations @zenvelo on the 20K! Your contributions to Fluther are something I look forward to.
Now get on out to the pool and food and drinks and commence to partying!

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Congratz @Judi beat me to the joke.

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For a while there I thought you were one of the other zen’s reincarnations, but you are without a doubt your own person! Congrats to you and Happy Easter to (if it applies to you, if not, have a nice day!)

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Congratulations! Ho`omaika`i!

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I’m stuffing my check for 20 k lurve into z envelo p right now!

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Congratulations on your 20K of well deserved lurve @zenvelo. I enjoy reading your answers, always wise and thoughtful.

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Hereyago. I made some Lime Zen Jello to celebrate the occasion. Congratulations!!!

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Congrats! You’re a great addition to the collective. Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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You are the master of the ZEN!
Give a “hear-hear”!!!
And a well deserved thumbs up.

┏┻┫  /////
┃ ┗┓(┛
┗━ !!!

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Congo Rats, Zen! Thanks for contributing to this site!

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Zenvelo, You are totally oh god, I so want to say awesome, but it’s such a cliche! great. Wellspoken, insightful….etc, etc, all the good things. Glad you are here. You help make Fluther great! Lurve you! Congrats!

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20K Congratulations! So well deserved:-)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy whatever it is that goes on up there on the mansion’s second floor. I just hear a lot of strange thumping noises and loud music…

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You are so valuable, you should definitely stay out of Cyprus!

I love reading you, even when I don’t entirely agree. Cheers!!

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Congratulations, zenvelo! You are one great jelly. A handsome one, too!

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Oh thank you all so much! Grazi, merci, danke, gracias! I feel very humble in your collective presence and wish you all so well. And honors to the biggest Pro, @ETpro for cresting the wave of 30,000! WOOT!

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Thanks, @zenvelo What good fortune. My first chance ever to host a party at the mansion, and that same day, my dear friend @Blueroses hosts her first one for me. The stars are aligned in exactly the way they are aligned right now. That’s pretty obvious.

Let’s see, how many logical fallacies did I work into that?

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Two of my favorite jellies having parties at the very same moment!!!


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ZENVELATIONS! Keep going upwards! Congratulations.

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Second floor, huh? I must still be sitting outside by the gate. :)

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@zenvelo Mazel Tov on the 20K!

Your always wise, always well worded, measured responses are a calming force in the roiling sea of Jellydom.

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Congra-achoo-lations! ;-)

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COGRATS @zenvelo-! Fluther rocks because of jellies like you-!

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Congrats to another fine zen!!!

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Congrats! I enjoy your contributions here.

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Simply zensational! Congratulations!

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I missed the awesome Zen-ish, Easter-ish, ET-ish party! Congrats to my favorite Zen!

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Congratulations! Great work!

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Congo-rat Burritoes!

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I am so freaking confused! Isn’t Zenvelo Zen, ZenZen, Zendolea ZenDerWasFive?

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No, this Zenvelo is not the other Zen :-)

I wonder how many people think they’re the same person?

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@Dutchess_III @Bellatrix I spent months with people thinking I was the original zen, and not understanding what was going on. Our beloved Picardish zen was on hiatus and I had not run onto him yet….

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He is me I tell you. Don’t listen to him.

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doo doo doo do. doo doo do do. I always assumed they were @Bellatrix, until now!

Congrats to all Zenish types except for the one, who can’t seem to make it past 2K. Way to go @zenvelo!

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@zenzen is actually “QQ”

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Ha @Dutchess_III, you’re on to us. We are Borg.

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Congrats, sorry I’m so late! I brought chocolate and rum to make up for it.

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Borg!!! Crap @Bellatrix!! Congratulations to Borg! (Just covering my bases here. Borg are dangerous.)

@WillWorkForChocolate Thank goodness you didn’t bring pancakes. That’s all I have to say.

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