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What is the storage capacity of the human knowledge, from the human race, with all computers and books combined (with the human and animal brains) if it was all downloaded in bites on one omni-computer?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) March 30th, 2013

Use what ever prefix you like… or you can use bites… like tera, giga, or google bites, what ever sounds cooler. Both storage capacity and storage used

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One human brain is far in the terabites, multiply that by 7.5 billion and you have the amount today, but if you wanted to include all of it, I don’t think we have a number that big.

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All I can say is that I really wish for a usb port to upload complex mathematics and new languages.

I think the brain is capable of massive expansion in storage, the RAM is the problem.

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The answer is unknown.

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One hellavalottabyte

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Is that new knowledge or everyone’s knowledge from year dot is it truth or false, hard copy or insight, there is not a lot of overlap everyone knows a lot of the same thing. time is measurable every day I learn something new from someone who already knows it given that a new idea is 555 kb of information and 2 occur every 4.723 days and mankind has some through from 87,5678 years ago the amount must be $^(amb*yrs)+4.73/555

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How is the data encoded? UTF-8? What about false “knowledge” like the “fact” that dinosaurs and humans co-existed in biblical times believed by many fundamentalist/extremist Christian groups?

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