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Do you believe weird things happen on friday the 13th?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) June 13th, 2008

many people belive that spirits roam free on friday the 13th, what do you think?

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Yes. There’s people freaking out and behaving oddly because they’re superstitious and scared of Friday the 13th!

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yeah, is that why fluther is so quiet? geez, it’s like a damn ghost town

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Yes. Seemingly normal people suddenly begin to spout nonsense and behave oddly.

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i always wonder why people react this way, how could things go wrong today ? i passed semester 3 CCNA 1 on 70% today, so the worst is yet to come, haha

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I think it’s the day after Thursday the 12th and the day before Saturday the 14th. No more, no less.

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I’m afraid to say no because something weird will probably happen. That’s how it always works with me.

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I’m having a party today so I hope not.

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Weird things definitely happen on Friday the 13th. But weird things happen every day, so…

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I am a bit superstitious about the number 13 but not in a negative way. Along with the number 9, it happens to be my favorite and sometimes very lucky number. I’m so partial to it, that when making bids on eBay auctions, my bid amount always adds up to 9 or 13.

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Not unlike any ordinary day.

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No Bad/unlucky things oonly happen to people who think they are going to happen.

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Only if you want them too.

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Horror movies are releases.

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