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Care to share your favorite April Fools pranks?

Asked by Judi (39850points) April 1st, 2013 from iPhone

From simple to complicated, what are your favorite April Fools pranks. Can you think of some harmless ones for children? How about complicated ones to trick the most skeptical.
Personally I’m no good at them and am usually the biggest sucker. Maybe with your help I can pull one off this year.

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One of the most effective ones I pulled was “another plane!!! another building!!!” in April, 2002. The other person was so upset, though, that I wished I hadn’t done it.

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I’ve never done a very good April Fool’s prank.
I have, however, managed to stick a poisson d’avril on several French teachers. Apparently, that shit is hilarious in France. I don’t really get it, but I never gave up on an opportunity to sass sexy French professors ;)

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For the kids, I made green eggs and ham. I also made food that looked like dessert for the main dish and that looked like the main dish for dessert. Mashed potato ‘frosting’ on meatloaf with gravy patterns for decoration. Vanilla pudding over a canned apricot so it looked like an egg for dessert.

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One year Daylight Savings Time was falling within the same week. I told my friend that they had canceled it and that clocks weren’t springing forward this year. When she asked why, I made up this story about how the Earth’s rotation catches up every 100 years or so and one DST gets canceled every now and then. She believed me and told everyone else too.

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@bookish1 The fun of it is to see how long the fish stays on them before they notice. The longer it takes before they know, the bigger an April’s Fool they are. Of course, it’d kinda hard for the victim not to notice, since when they walk around, people will snicker and laugh at them, so if they realize it’s April 1, they’ll probably know. But it’s still funny. I always did it to my dad on April’s Fool. And when they do notice, you yell ’‘poisson d’avril’’ at them. It’s especially funny when you laugh at someone when they discover their fish, and then they laugh at you ten minutes later because you’ve had one forever, and never noticed haha. It gets pretty nuts when everyone is sneaking up behind everyone and sticking fishes on each other’s backs.

Or you can get a real fish from the supermarket and stick it in someone’s schoolbag. Then when they notice the smell and pull out the fish in the middle of class, it’s pretty funny. and kinda mean, plus I wouldn’t buy a 22 dollar fish just to waste it

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The best were on me, by my soon. Back in 2000 or so, when he was about 10, I came home from work ready to kick back. I went to get a drink, turned on the water faucet and got SOAKED by the spray nozzle because the little twerp had taped it down! Well, his bed wound up with corn flakes in it that night!

My son, who is 25 now, has been in a long term serious relationship with a wonderful girl. They’ve had plans to get married for quite some time. Today, called to tell me that his GF is pregnant. He said they were on their way back from Wichita with the sonograms. I had a bunch of other stuff going on and it didn’t register that he could be pranking me. I asked a) when are they getting married and b) when was her due date. He told me all that stuff, chatted a bit…then said, “April fools!”
I said, “Chris!! You did it to me again!”
He laughed and said, “April Fool’s again!”
I said, “What?”
He said, “She really is pregnant and she really is due in October!”
She really is. :)

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Your first grandchild???

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Um. No. My..7th. My daughter didn’t help that number much by having twins in January! My oldest grandson is graduating from HS this year.

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Congrats! I have 8 and being a grandma is the best job I’ve ever had. My oldest is 7.

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@Symbeline : Thank you for your ethnographic explanation of the April Fish! I prefer the unsubtle approach myself ;)

@Dutchess_III : Congratulations!

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LOL that was awesome. :D Fish smacking. Lol.

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I’m kind of a political freak. I stay tuned in to the news basically 24/7. My family knows this, obviously.
Well, my sister took advantage of this for her prank on me yesterday.
If I stay in my room to late in the morning, she usually comes in to wake me up.
Well, yesterday, she came in with a sense of urgency and, without saying, “good morning,” or anything like that, she says three little words: Obama’s been assassinated. I jumped up, fully awake, with my eyes as big as plates and my jaw on the floor. She instantly said, “April fools!” and took her hands away from her face. Goodness, was I duped. Now, what to pull on her….

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^^^Tape the spray handle down!

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