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Since upgrading to Opera 9.5, the search bar only shows the default icon?

Asked by jonno (1062points) June 13th, 2008

Instead of showing the search site’s favicon (which automatically is stored when you first visit the site) in the search bar, all the search options just show the default magnifying glass.

Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a way to fix it?

Has only happened since upgrading to Opera 9.5.


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there is a way to fix it, its called SAFARI

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Well, no actually, Safari doesn’t have search bar icons at all, right?

Next time you try to switch someone to another browser, make sure the feature is actually in the browser you’re recommending.

Not that I was going to drop a browser I’m perfectly happy with over something as minor (and fixable) as this…

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Now that’s helpful… There’s a solution to that: don’t browse the internet, then you can’t be annoyed by that!

Seriously though, I’ve installed Opera myself yesterday to give it a look and both the address bar and the search bar show favicons just fine. This is on Xubuntu 7.10.

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im confused at what you are talking about when you say search bar icon?

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You have the address bar on top where you type URLs, where favicons are displayed fine, and the search bar to the right of that that also displays favicons fine for me :)

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oh, is that really a big deal that it wont display?

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I don’t think its a big deal but I can see it annoying me. and like jonno said “I’m perfectly happy with over something as minor (and fixable) as this…” No harm getting it fixed if it can be fixed.

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Exactly, while it is a small annoyance that I would like to fix, I’m perfectly happy with everything else in Opera.

In any case, I have figured out how to fix the problem now.

In case someone else needs to know:
The problem was because I was using a custom made search.ini, and in Opera 9.5 you must now define the favicon as a URL with the “ICON=” parameter for each search option – the icons no longer set themselves automatically, unless you set up your custom search engines through Opera’s settings (I think).

This is probably because of Opera’s new method of storing favicons.

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Just a followup, it has stopped working again, only some sites show the icon. I really don’t know what do now: it works, but only for some of the sites…

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