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If someone were to make a movie of your life, what actor would you want to play you, etc?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 13th, 2008

In a movie of your life, what actor would you want to play you. Who would you want to direct the moive? What would the movie be called? What would be the tag line?

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I wouldn’t want to play myself. I would probably want to play the unsuspecting neighbor or someone random like that. I think that would be cool.

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Either Pee Wee Herman or George Clooney.

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Adam Sandler or Chuck Norris.

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adam brody, quick wit

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OOPS! I totally misread the question. I would want someone like Jennifer Aniston to play me. I love her acting. It is so realistic, and she shows stress well. lol. THERE is a TON if it in THIS movie haha. (And no, we look nothing alike.)

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To answer my question completely:

I would want Eva Mendez to play me (I know, we’re different ethinicities, but I don’t know too many half filipino actresses)
I’d want Tim Burton or Quinten Tarentino to direct it
It would be called The Sweetness
The tag line would be “Quite possibly the most boring movie ever, but, hey there are awesome directors”

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“Anything but ordinary”
Starring Drew Barrymore
Directed by John Hughes
Music by Georgio Moroder

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It would have to star and be directed by Jacques Tati. We’re definitely soul mates.
The title: “Harp: The Quest for the Lost Keys”
The tag line: “They said it couldn’t be done. He set out to prove them right”

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Maggie Grace, if she dyed her hair brown.

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Actor: Chris Farley or Chris Walken
Director: Akira Kurosawa and Mel Brooks
Music: Alan Silvestri and John Williams
Title: Untied Shoes

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I would become an actor and then play me…. and do a really bad job at it :D

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Dustin Hoffman in his Tootsie outfit. Director,writer and leading man – Woodie Allen., supporting actors; Billy Crystal and Paula Poundstone; Music- Louis and Ella, Sarah Vaughn.

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LOL I love these answers

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Sarah Silverman – she’s funny and quirky.

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ellen page would be the actor and the movie would be called fasinating emily

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Julianne Moore

Directors: Michael Palin and John Cleese

Wait a Second, That’s Not What I Meant
And Now for Something Completey Different

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I would have Anne Hathaway play me in a movie about me beacuse shes such a great actress! I have no idea of a movie title ! =0

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Edward Norton and the movie would be called “Digital Religion”

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@tekn0lust I LOVE Edward Norton.

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A younger Joan Crawford (younger then when she died), Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Titled, ”“The Woman Who Silenced a Town”. It would be a “60’s take on the Scarlet Letter with murder and sex.

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Daniel Craig directed by Guy Ritchie. The Movie is called Quantum of Solace.

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bridold: Me too, easily my favorite actor. I love Fight Club and can’t wait to see the new Hulk movie.

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jack black could play me. Soundtrack by jack white and Steve martin.

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@play: not Béla Fleck?

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@ all – excellent answers.

Me – john cusac, supporting Maggie Gyllenhaal, jack black, and john cusack ( I am a twin)
scored, in part by u2, and the guys who get the music for Scrubs.

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Actress: Natalie Portman. Director: David Lynch or Sofia Coppola. Music by Angelo Bedalamente or a cool late 80s/early 90s soundtrack.

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@tekn0lust: new hulk is awesome! ... the lack of mutant poodles was quite refreshing.

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Great! We are going to see it this afternoon. I can’t wait!

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According to celebrity lookalikes, I would be played by Merryl Streep (and I’m a 2o something year old boy).

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