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How involved were you in planning your wedding?

Asked by AshlynM (10683points) April 2nd, 2013

Did you take over, did your partner take over, or did you share the work?

Or did your future in laws try and plan the whole thing?

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It was a joint effort but I was the main organiser and took the major creative role. I just asked my husband your question and he said left to him we would have probably ended up with a backyard bbq and beer for toasts.

We did brainstorm different ideas and if I came up with something he really didn’t like, he had the right to veto.

Our parents are all dead. It was a second wedding for me and first for him and any planning and expenses were down to us.

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My late husband was the main organizer too and he was the one who kept track of all wedding expenses. Of course, he asked my opinion and I went with him to every appointment, except the tux fitting.

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Very. It was a collaborative effort — and no, not because my wife said so. I insisted. It’s my wedding too after all.

I don’t understand guys who let the wife plan it all and they just show up.

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I was involved as much as my ex would allow. She’d had a vision of what she wanted for years. She did the work of finding a place for the reception, and she and her mom chose the invitations. But I drove her around to see things and she would narrow a decision down to two or three choices, then ask my opinion. Sometimes we’d agree, at other times she would veto that.

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I did the bulk of it consulting my husband to be.

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I did it all. I got his input on most things, if I thought he’d care about that particular aspect, but I found the venue, created the playlist, picked all the colors/flowers/attire, planned the honeymoon, etc. Luckily, our venue was all-inclusive, so they took care of a lot of it for me. I didn’t really want or need help from family, so I didn’t get any.

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Very. Our wedding was planned entirely by me, my husband, and our mothers.

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My Ex and I did all the planning and a lot of the cooking, along with his mother.

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I planned the whole thing. My daughters planned their own weddings even though I paid for them. I have them a budget and was available when they asked but went out of my way to not me a controlling mom for their weddings.

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My wife did most of the hard work after asking my opinion on things.

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Unfortunately my mother in law took over! I was very young ( 19).
11 years later with mother in law interferring..I divorced and left my inlaws out of my life.
Had I been more perceptive , I would have realized the flag and not got married.

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We had a very small wedding and my parents, who lived in another city said,“You take care of it and just send us the bill.” So we did. We don’t have extravagant tastes, so everything worked out fine. The little things that weren’t exactly right, were funny. We got a torte from a favorite restaurant for the wedding cake and I got a few roses to put on top. I asked the restaurant kitchen to put the flowers on the cake. Each rose came in a test tube. The kitchen ladies stuck the roses, in their test tubes, at angles here and there on the cake. You could only laugh

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My husband pretty much planned the whole thing. He picked the readings, the flowers, the restaurant for the reception, and took care of the license. It was awesome and everything was perfect.

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