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Have any of you had any success with Electronic Cigarettes?

Asked by Crumpet (1785points) April 2nd, 2013

I’ve cut down my bad habit quite substantially over the past few months. My downfall is when I go for a drink with my friends, (who all smoke) and alcohol makes me crave a ciggerette more.

I’ve been looking at electronic cigarettes online, and saw some what look quite good. They have a clear base so you can see how much ‘eliquid’ is left in them, and are said to produce a lot of vapour and provide a satisfying smoke.

My plan would be to use this exclusively and take it to the pub with me also. Then gradually decrease the strength of the nicotine content until nil. Then I would be free!

I’ve tried many methods of quitting, and none have been sucessful.

If you have tried electronic cigarettes, how did you find them?
Was it enough to keep you from going back to normal cigarettes?
More importantly, did they help you quit altogether?

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They don’t put out real smoke so it’s a win for people who are in the same room with the e-cig puffer.

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Hey @Crumpet, good question. I did not take the plunge and invest in one until I noticed that my favorite bartender uses one. He’s a rocker and used to smoke a whole lot, and now he only takes a few puffs of the e-cig every shift.

The kind I use is the Joyetech ego-C. It took some getting used to, but I am using it with enjoyment now and it’s pretty simple. You can get many flavors, so it feels like having your own personal hookah in your pocket (right now, I’ve got watermelon, menthol, and coconut.). All of the components are replaceable, and you get visual indication if your battery or nicotine liquid is low.

Frankly, it has not kept me completely off regular cigarettes. I used to chain smoke at home all the time, especially while studying or doing work, and now I only use the e-cig at home. However, when I’m at the bar, I still bum cigarettes from people because I just miss the physical aspects of lighting something on fire and smoking! But I have greatly decreased my nicotine intake in general, both since I have moved down to a lower-content liquid, and since I’m not committed to an entire cigarette if I just get a little craving. Ultimately I’m still hoping to quit, but not until after my PhD qualifying exams are over…

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A friend of mine uses one. I tried it once, just to see what it was like, and nearly died coughing – couldn’t really breathe for a few hours either. I’ve never smoked but I thought hey, it’s just vapor. Ended up embarrassing myself though. She likes it, but still smokes regular cigarettes too; just not as many. I haven’t met a real success story yet, but it’s worth a shot. Plus the non-smokers around you might hate you a little less when you smoke it. :)

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I tried to use them to quit. I’m allergic to them. How shitty is that :(

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Btw, Downtide gives some really good info on e-cigs in this question

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Thanks guys, i did try one at some point last year but it was a disposable type one.
It worked for a long train journey, but i never got round to buying a proper one.
I’m going to buy one tomorrow and I’ll check back and tell you all if it’s any good.
I think I’ll also get some flavoured liquid, because the one i tried was supposed to be tobacco flavor, but it just tasted nasty.

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I actually had a lot of success quitting smoking using electronic cigarettes a few years ago. I tried a bunch of brands, and found that the menthol flavor from appealed to me more than any real cigarette. Then, I had to quit electronic cigarettes which was a separate issue.

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Good point, @gdiman. Electronic cigarettes are often tacitly marketed as a way to quit smoking… But unless you go to 0% liquid, you are still addicted to nicotine.

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Ok, i bought one today in the morning, had to charge it for 6 hours before i could use it.
Not smoked a cigarette so far, but only time will tell.
It’s blueberry flavour, quite nice :)

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also, i’m in bed at the moment, and i must say its nice to smoke this thing relaxed in bed, and not worry about my bedroom smelling and dropping ash on my sheets.
not that i smoke in bed anyway, but its something i did do in the past.

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