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Which of the Final Fantasy games would you say is the worst?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) April 3rd, 2013

I might be split between Final Fantasy 8 or 12. . . I have my reasons. But I want to hear others.

And no spin-offs. No sequels. Strictly on the main numbering system (I, II, II, and so on)

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I enjoyed X-2 more than XII. At least the combat system in X-2 was good even if the rest of the game was terrible. XII was just terrible all the way around. I’ve never played XI, XIII or XIV though, so those might always be in the running too.

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Personally I’d have to say, Final Fantasy II. The actual II, and not IV which was first introduced as II in America.

The game has a bare bones story, an antagonist with no practically no purpose. And he’s just called ’‘The Emperor’’. The leveling system, while innovative, doesn’t work. I mean it gets the job done, but for the amount of effort you have to put in, they might as well just have made the contemporary level/experience system which is present in most games. The tank of the party may have three times more HP than anybody, but every time he gets hit, he takes three times as more damage as anybody…I was always reviving him, bleh. Plus you have this word system that remembers key words so you can bring them up in conversations with characters. But not once have I ever found it to be of any use, aside from the odd time where you’re talking to some guy who has something you need, and the word of that need pops up.
I could have looked passed all that, if the story was memorable. As it is, it’s boring, the characters suck ass…you’d have to play this for the gameplay alone, which does work even if the leveling system sucks…but most other FF’s have all the cool gameplay, plus cool stories. Don’t know what the hell happened with this one, or how I had the patience to actually go through it.

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Final Fanasty II (Japan). It is the only I have played and didn’t feel a need to finish.

and Final Fantasy VI is the best ever.

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@simone54 and Final Fantasy VI is the best ever.


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@ragingloli Aww… I love VIII. I mean, yeah, it’s sappy, but you have to admit it has some great gameplay.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Actually the gameplay is exactly what I hate about it. The Junction system is stupid. You slap your forehead whenever you realize you forgot to switch junctions and you unexpectedly fight a boss and one character can only do “Attack”. You can use and abuse the Guardian Forces, which gives you no incentive to really level up your weapons. As for the story, it has a good idea but is fleshed out terribly.

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* Shrug * I like the junction system, and my weapons were always badass. I like shiny new Gunblades.

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The junction system in VIII was great. The problem I have with it is that you can’t really exploit it until you’re like, three quarters into the game, so it seems pointless a lot of the time. But once things open up, I was amazed on how much it lets you customize your character for battle.

Or you can just cheap shit out and get 100 meltdowns into your gunblade and then, everything falls before you.

But eh I thought it kicked ass, I just wish I could have really started working with it earlier in the game.

Also I loved the card game. I ripped some hair out rel bad, but I actually got every single card in the game. Prepare for a lot of resetting if you ever attempt this…

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I sucked SO HARD at that card game. ‘Tis always the way with minigames for me. I don’t catch bugs in Zelda, either.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I got pretty decent at it, although some of the rules were annoying as hell…what’s hard is finding the right person with a unique card, or what to do to get them to show up, or play a certain card. I admit, I followed an entire card finding guide for that lol.

The card game in IX sucked total balls though.

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VIII was the last one I played. I’ve always been about three consoles behind modern gaming. I just got a Wii for my son this Christmas. I’m thinking about buying a PSOne so I can finish VIII finally. I always seem to make it to the middle of the fourth disc and something happens so I can’t get to the end.

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If you ever get a chance, you should try out IX. It’s pretty decent. I may be a sinner for saying it, but that’s the last great FF game, in my personal opinion. X and the ones after, meh.

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I’m thinking about buying a PSOne so I can finish VIII finally.
Just get the epsxe emulator and download the game

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Probably a good idea. For some reason, that game tended to freeze up on me. Not having to worry about discs would be awesome.

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