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Phone trouble, techies help?

Asked by rory (1402points) April 4th, 2013

Okay so I have an HTC One V phone from Virgin Mobile. I’ve had it since about August and it’s an utter piece of junk, it acts up all the time. Today it popped up that a software update was available for it. I installed it, and my phone restarted itself. And kept restarting. It has been stuck on the “HTC quietly brilliant” screen all day. It recently ran out of charge and turned off. I plugged it back in only for the screen to return. I can’t turn the screen off, nor can I get the phone to do anything else. I’ve tried holding down the power button to restart it, but it does the little virgin mobile video clip and then back to the bootup screen.

Help, please?!

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Take the battery out for 10 minutes. Re-insert. That fixes anything but poltergeist infestation.

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Just today I was in a battery store and heard a customer complaining about the same issue. The sales guy suggested the same thing as @Imadethisupwithnoforethought. He said removing the battery for a while would reset the phone’s memory.

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The above comments are a good suggestion, but HTC has produced some “Lemon” phones.

My dad has an Aria that is a complete POS. It has, from day one, lost charge entirely after 3 hours of being turned on. They gave him a new battery, didn’t help. They said it was his data usage settings. I turned off every-damned-thing except phone and text. No difference.

He pays for a full data plan, but this phone never connects. It won’t even download Angry Birds updates. It’s a garbage phone, even though HTC makes some great phones.

—I had the same POS issues with Blackberry Pearl, though BB makes (made) some damned fine phones. Alltel and BB denied that it was an equipment failure as long as they still had more to sell. As soon as my contract was up for renewal, they admitted it was a garbage unit.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought and @Pachyderm_In_The_Room, unfortunately the battery is actually fixed inside of the device and can’t be removed. Theoretically, pressing and holding the power button should restart the phone similar to a battery removal, according to google, but this hasn’t worked. Should open the thing with a screwdriver and see if I can find the battery? Given my predilection for breaking everything I am ever near, this doesn’t seem like a fantastic idea. Yikes.

And @Blueroses, this phone is a lemon if ever I saw one. It sometimes takes half an hour to register that I am even making a call. I got a cheap-o new android phone from virgin mobile for the time being, and although it is the PCD Chaser and sucks, I’m amazed that I can actually read my texts the same day I received them! lol

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Um, take out the battery if you can figure out how to. Otherwise, bring it to a kiosk like @pachy said, and have them show you how to do it.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I think I’ll just bring it to a store or something. best buy was no help, but there is a place around where I work. gah what a hassle

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@rory I’ve heard a rumor I’m tending towards believing that providers are deliberately pushing defective models at new contract-signers so that they can make a profit on the upgrade phone they sell you.

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Should open the thing with a screwdriver and see if I can find the battery?

DO NOT do that unless you will be unbothered if you wreck the phone.

I am a fairly tech savvy guy. I assemble my desktop machines from parts. I have dismantled a few laptops and successfully re-assembled them

But phones are really, really densely packed and screwed and glued together, and it’s really easy to ruin something.

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Never, ever open up a phone like that unless you truly know what you’re doing.

I would do a search for a “hard reset” for your phoen. I have a phone with a battery that can’t be removed either, and I can still hard reset even when it REALLY acts up (which is rare)/

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Get an iPhone.

My aging 3G (3–4 yrs old) still works flawlessly and always has.

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