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What's too old/expired in regard to medium format film?

Asked by Hobbes510 (56points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

hey guys. I’m just getting into medium format photography and aquired some fujichrome ms 100/1000 color film 120 medium format at $2 a roll. Pretty good deal. Though its a good 7 years expired. Heh… It was kept in the freezer most of the time so it was well kept. At anyrate I plan and sticking this stuff in my holga so I’m not really too concerned with the results but…. What kind of results can I expect?

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your results will be unpredictable—search around flickr for expired film and you’ll finds some good examples. Should be fun—give it a try!

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bpeoples is correct: The effects of expiration on film vary widely, particularly with color. You may end up with no distortion, or a very limited color palate, or random lines of color all over the place (can be very cool), or you might end up with no images at all. It’s unpredictable!

Are you planning on printing from the negatives yourself? (Just curious if there are any other c-print buffs on fluther…)

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Eventually I’d like to go down that road, but right now i don’t have the space or resources. For now, I’m just seeding the neighborhood labs, trying to find a place to get comfortable with (I’m in Brooklyn, NY). I’m half way threw a roll… as luck would have it, i dropped my camera and the back opened up. heh, the results should be interesting. ;)

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what a disaster!

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