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What are some cool ideas for a renaissance fair costume?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) April 5th, 2013

I’m going to a renaissance fair in 2 weeks and need a costume! I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a costume or gorgeous gown. My budget is about $50. Does anyone know any cool costume ideas for a lady? I’m thinking of just finding a long gypsy looking skirt, and maybe a corset. I know it’s not creative, but this is only my second time at a renaissance fair, and I’m even more excited this time :-)

Last year I basically through a bunch of stuff together that I thought looked medieval-ish. I wore a long ruby gybsy type dress, and added lots of gypsy looking gold jewelry.

I want to do something for beautiful this year. So far I’ve only come up with buying a skirt, and buying garland flowers for my hair once I get to the fair.

If anyone doesn’t know what garlands are, they’re basically a flower headdress that women wear on their heads at the festivals::

And Another example

And another :-)

Do you guys know any creative ideas that I can make my costume with? This year my look is going towards the pretty, feminine, flowery, magical look….Very soft but sexy at the same time. Last year I did the wench/gypsy/mistress/tavern wench look. Thanks everyone!

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I would say go for a nice full length gown with a bit off a bustle to accent the butt. Just a thought.

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Here is a duct tape corset . OK I know it looks more dominitrix than Ren, but you can buy non shiny tape with more of a fabric cover at craft stores.

If you can sew even a tiny bit, this is a easy corset incorporates a fancy bra.

To make it look more Ren faire, put a nice peasant blouse or other kind of blousey shirt under the corset. If you are making the duct tape one, put the shirt on before you measure and make it—or else it will be way too tight.

Craft stores carry lots of pre-strung beads that can be really simple to make into a necklace or earrings. Check out the stores if you want some jewelry.

Craft stores also carry lots of fake flowers that look stunning. With glue gun and some of these flowers you can make your own garlands that will cost a lot less than what you’ll find at a Ren faire.

One more thing to check out at the craft store is the cloth if you get a few yards of cloth and a brooch (try goodwill) you can make a fancy wrap to go over your shoulders in case it gets chilly.

For shoes, you can try wearing solid or floral color leggings with ankle boots or ballet slippers (I suggest the boots but that’s because ballet slippers KILL my feet)

Check goodwill for stuff like maxi dresses. They can be super easy to convert into a ren faire skirt and top with scissors and little to no sewing. Also check goodwill for halloween robes.

Get a nice leather (or fake leather) belt and some little silk bags. You can find these little bags at craft stores or you can start drinking Crown Royal by the case to collect the little bags.

Put everything you’d normally put in your purse—and your pocket watch in the little bags and tie the bags to the belt! This will look much cooler than lugging a purse around.

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I’m a Rennie. All of my garb is bastardised clothing. H
Peasant shirts, broomstick skirts… Look for clearance on – not likely since season has already started, but I got mine for $35 back in November. Shawls are your friend, as are scarves. Layers. . Avoid white tops. You never know when faire will turn rainy.

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