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So If you are underaged and throwing a party with alcohol and there is a medical emergency where the cops need to be called can you still get in trouble?

Asked by Abbeyperry34 (8points) April 5th, 2013 from iPhone
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I would think so, yes. But the trouble you’d get into is generally pretty minor, so call the cops when you need them, anyway.

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If there is a medical emergency, call the ambulance. NOW!
Saving your friend, or yourself, is the most important thing right now.
Good luck.

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Yes. But you’ll be in a lot more trouble if the medical emergency isn’t attended to because of your being scared.

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Your trouble with the cops for getting medical attention for someone that needs it will be far less than the trouble you get into for letting someone die because you didn’t want to get into trouble.

Even if the cops let you off, the next of kin of the injured party, or the injured party will be able to file against you in civil court.

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Please let us know what happens, @Abbeyperry34. We like updates here. Be well.

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Call an ambulance! Dial 911 if you are in America and tell them what is happening and let them send help. The cops probably won’t come into the picture until maybe at the hospital if ever. Getting in trouble for throwing a party is very small compared to getting in trouble because someone became seriously sick or dead.

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Some states have ‘Good Samaritan’ Laws that protect a person who is illegally under the influence from being prosecuted if they’ve called 911 to report an illness or injury or overdose. Even if someone doesn’t know whether they’re protected by such a law, I dare say it is better to report it than to live with the guilt of leaving someone in that state knowing they might never fully recover without immediate medical care.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Well yes, of course. However, if you fail to call for emergency help because “we might get into trouble”, then even if you manage to avoid legal consequences, if your friend dies or becomes permanently injured or disabled as a result of your cowardice and neglect you’d have to live with that for the rest of your life.

Which lesson would be more painful?

Another way of looking at this: Which would make the better story to tell years from now?

”... so we called the cops and the ambulance, and we got into soooo much trouble, but it was worth it because your Uncle Tim is… well, he’s your Uncle Tim; he’s as good as he can be.”


”... so we ran like scared little girls and didn’t tell anyone, and we managed to avoid being caught and suspended from school. Of course, the kid died. But what the hell, he was no one I knew, so it wasn’t like a big deal or anything.”

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What would you want your friends to do if you were the one who needed help in this situation?

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It happened in San Jose recently – a bunch of teenaged girls got terribly drunk. One passed out. The others tried to cover up by putting her in the shower. She drowned, and they got in trouble anyway.

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You are responsible guys. Don’t try hiding things… they always manage to surface later and bite you on the ass.

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