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Ladies and Gentleman. How do you prefer the opposite sex to relate with you?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30946points) April 6th, 2013

On many levels… Physical features, mentality, education, humility, exhibitionism? Whatever you would like to comment upon, please do.

As a 50 year old male, I adore swarthy face women with nobel noses. They must have a bone structure worthy of Zeus. Her attitude must be directed at me more than others. I’m talking about the heat. I can take it. And I know she loves me because I can. I want her to flirt with, and tempt the universe.

She must be seeking wisdom, lest I grow weary of her, and toss her aside.

She must be forgiving. For I am imperfect.

And while we’re on the subject. My same sex, male… I really don’t care. I suppose he must testify on a daily basis, without words, that he is in some way attempting to keep himself clean.


How would you like others of note, to relate to you?

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With honesty and respect. You sound like an old world Mohammedan. Good luck with that, in the western world. You are not bad stating your priorities right at go.

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Imagining myself back on the market, I don’t fancy that I’d be in a position to indulge in too many preferences. Certainly not down to the nose-and-bone-structure level, in any case. I’m no great catch myself, so the pool of candidates would be rather self-limiting, I would think.

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With kindness, just as I’d expect my woman firends to treat me.

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Precisely the same as my own gender, although it’s not as impressive when blokes flirt…dat shit going nowhere fast.

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I’m having trouble understanding what you’ve written here. Your question is about how people relate with us, but then your details are mostly about physical traits. Do you see a person’s physical traits as a form of communication? I don’t, so it’s hard for me to relate to what you are saying. If you do see physical traits as a form of communication, does that hold true for people of your own sex as well?

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With intelligence, tolerance, compassion and respect.

“She must be seeking wisdom, lest I grow weary of her, and toss her aside.

She must be forgiving. For I am imperfect.”

So if she fails to live up to your idea of interesting, you will “toss her aside”? But then, when you are “imperfect” you want forgiveness? Hmmmm….I know what you mean about someone staying curious about life, learning, and being interesting, but perhaps your word choice is a little callous?

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Ummm, I like them to not hit on me.

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@bookish1 As you wish!

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@bookish1 It’s hard being so irresistable isn’t it? :)

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I prefer women to deal with me as an equal. I like women (and men) that do their best to live a healthy life, eat well, exercise their body and their brain, keep inquisitive and wondering. And they have to enjoy life enough to laugh whenever they can. An intelligent sense of humor is a must.

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Scantily clad is my preference…

There is not one simple answer. It is all personality based. Some women are to be related to with humor. Others with straightforwardness. Others with anger. Just is there is no one definition of a woman, there is not one single way of dealing with and relating to them.

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@janbb & @Earthgirl: Oh, I make exceptions… ;) I just don’t like 20 year old girls assuming that I’m straight simply because I do not fit the shallow stereotypes they have of queer guys.

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In a relaxed, friendly, polite manner with a ready ability to laugh at life’s foibles.

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As an equal in all areas of my life. I don’t appreciate being treated in a condescending manner. As long as we can start there, friendly, funny and with intelligence is always welcome.

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Same as anyone else.

@bookish1 I’m sure some flirt even if they know you’re gay. I’ll never understand why women do that. They have every right to find gay men sexy (I certainly have a history of being guilty of this), but what exactly do they think they’ll accomplish with come-ons?

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I like when people of the opposite sex (or even the same sex as me for that matter) to be honest and respectful. That is what they can expect from me. I don’t treat anyone like a product or commodity. I don’t hit on women even though I am a straight male and I don’t freak out when men talk to me (whatever their orientation might be). We all like to experience what it is like when someone else really listens. I like that too.

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Intellect, intelligence and humor not including sociopaths. lol

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Laughter, fun, intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful and full of life sound pretty good to me :)

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@Coloma : But they can be hilarious, can’t they? >_<

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As an equal. If there’s something that I don’t like when it comes to men, it’s male chauvinists. Other than that, I’d like them to be thoughtful and kind, but this goes for both men and women.

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Following your lead, I like my friends to be mostly good-looking males that like to have fun and indulge in the (non-sexual) pleasures that life has to offer, and stimulating conversation is a must. Preferably with light eyes and dark hair and nice teeth.

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In my own relationship, I would prefer to be with someone who’s willing to work through problems and challenges. I don’t believe in throw-away relationships, but prefer to stick through thick and thin, as long as we continue to grow.

On another thread, I said this, ”—many people have adopted the idea that “if it doesn’t fit how my standards precisely, it’s not worth having.” or have a “my conditions take priority” attitude. The idea of compromise, give-and-take, concessions, tolerance for faults and the willingness to be flexible is looked down on by many people and self-help books. I think it leads to more loneliness and entitlement than people realize.” This goes for relationships and friendships, really.

As for male friends—I prefer to be treated as a person, not explicitly a female.

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