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Will a US plasma tv work in New Zealand?

Asked by 42below (4points) June 13th, 2008

I will be shifting to NZ soon and want to know if my plasma will work there? I understand the megahertze may be different 50 vs 60.. who knows?

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Surely if you have the proper converters it will…not sure if your warranty will cover that though

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As long as the Plasma TV accepts all three formats-NTSC (US), PAL (Europe, New Zealand, etc.), and ATSC (US and other countries for Digital TV); here’s a helpful primer on DTV:

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As long as the TV can switch from NTSC to PAL (it probably can, but still check) and that the TV can switch voltage from 120 V to 240 V (and you have the right adaptor to physically plug it in to the power point), it should work.

I’m not sure about whether it will be able to receive television signals (and it would depend if the TV is for analogue or digital), but even if for some reason you can’t, you could just plug in a local digital box (I assume New Zealand is similar to Australia in this respect) which most people have to do if they want digital television anyway, even with a regular New Zealand TV.

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