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What would you write for readers of the future that may read your personal message, to give them a glimpse of what life was like now? Well thought out answers please.

Asked by Inspired_2write (4742points) April 7th, 2013

Knowing that your written word may survive into the far distant future, imagine a team of Archeologists discovers your written works.
What would they find?
Useless information or meaningfull thoughts about how you lived your life in these times?
Would they describe you, your surroundings,
your daily life to a tee?
Try and turn it around to… what would we think on finding our distant relatives thoughts on paper?
Wouldn’t we then take an interest and feel one with them?
Proud or disappointed?
What is your thoughts on this?

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I would hope that someone would clue them in to Fluther, where they could read my Greatest Responses, my previous Greatest Responses and my Greatest Responses that predate even those.

I try to consider posterity at least a little bit, and at least once in a while, when I write most of my responses. And even so, it’s the off-the-top-of-my-head retorts and quips that get the most lurve.

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Entertaining, and shows your personality .
But imagine too that YOUR Great Great great descendant if reading something for him?
What then would you say in writing to them?

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..”

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If you are reading this it sucks to be you.

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But also cosider that the language in the future would be entirely different with different meanings as past generations in our time sounded like.

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We people of 2013 have gone 67 years & counting (⅔ century) since the two atomic bombs that ended WW2. After that, no nuclear weapon has thus far ever been detonated as an act of aggression or retaliation. We hope this is still the case with you!
Supposed to be more personal?
Most of my personal life leaves no written record—even digitally. I talk to my wife and children all the time, but email & text between us is infrequent.

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What is the case with me? I do not understand your question referring to wars?

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This has nothing to do with my question.

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I misunderstood – sorry. Maybe one of the mods could delete my responses.

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@Inspired_2write I think @gasman was asking the people of the future what the case is with them as regards nuclear war. The answer does seem in the spirit of your question.

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@janbb – I agree, it is a legitimate answer to the question as posed.

We came, we saw, we conquered!

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