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The camera on the iPhone?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

The view finder on the camera function doesn’t open sometimes, especially whenever I have 4500 + pics. Before it was opening, amt of pics 4000. Anyone know why this happens with viewfinder? Camera won’t open to take pic?

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maybe it can’t hold any more pictures. That is a lottt of pictures try moving them all to your computer then see what happens. If there are to many pictures that should fix it but if it does not make a difference then something is wrong with the camera.

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do you mean you have taken 4500 with the camera on the iphone? or do you mean you have 4500 stored on the phone that were just transferred over from iphoto?

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Yup amazingly I’ve taken over 4500 pics and stored them, but now I am down to over 4100 + , doing some major transfering to my PC like FIRE MAN mentioned.

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Haha that is a lot of pictures… I got my iPhone the day after it came out so I didnt have to wait in line and I’ve taken a little over 200. Is your camera working yet? If not you should have a whole lot more space on your phone.

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iPhone camera giving me trouble. However I am continuing to transfer pics to my pc, boy oh boy I sure went overboard with the camera, but hopefully it’ll get better as far the viewfinder goes

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so far I see that having less than 4000 pics on the 8Gb iPhone, the camera’s viewfinder seems to work ok so far. Interesting.

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haha good thing you got the 8 gig cuz that us a lot of pictures. Good luck to you.

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