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Does anyone have the right to decide who among us is useless? Why?

Asked by Inspired_2write (8197points) April 8th, 2013

I hear this often, but really wonder where these people are coming from?
To be so judgemental like that?
It makes me think that those who think like that have a lot more growing up to do yet, who perhaps have not understood nor learned what it is to be compassionate, and open to true understanding of the human condition.
What do you think?

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Are you judging other people for being judgmental?

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It seems so incredible for people to think in such a way like that.
It is scary for the fate of many poor unfortunates who may find themselves, sometimes through no falult of their own to be in need of help.

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Didn’t Hitler think like that?
He wanted to rid the world of disabled people, old people etc
He was wrong to push an idea like that through to the general public, let alone be elected in Office.

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Maybe, if they are paying them and not getting what they expect from them.

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I found myself, through no fault of my own, needing help. Single mom, 4 kids, no help from their dad, no family around. No one would have called me “useless” however.
If a person is “useless” it their own fault.

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You or I or anyone else can make those judgments at any time about any number of people.

However… if you make the judgment based on no knowledge of the person himself, but just his membership in some other group or class that you use to categorize people, then it’s prejudice. You can still do it – many people do, obviously! – but many would judge you “useless” if you used that criterion.

And if you make the judgment based on only one action, appearance or behavior, excluding all else about the person except, for instance, “She cut me off in traffic! She’s useless!”, then that’s a pretty superficial and uninformed judgment. The same could easily be applied to you.

And if you make the judgment based solely on the person’s particular lack of utility to you, well, that makes you a pretty complete narcissist, doesn’t it?

The more I think about it, the less reason – and support – I can muster to enable a supportable claim of “uselessness” against much of anyone.

In any case, you’re free to make the judgment. You’re just not often free to indulge in any precipitate action against the person based on your judgment. In other words, you can’t kill ‘em.

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You should have more compassion for the people without compassion.

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Like Hitler was?

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It is promoting understanding in a world full of pain and sufferring and learning how to make that pain less on others, rather than adding to it.

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If I knew someone who never kept their word, who never showed up when they said they would, who never did what they said they were going to do, someone you could never depend on…I would call them useless.

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I think individuals who are frustrated with the behaviour of people who endorse or promote extreme political views and express intolerance for anyone with other viewpoints may engage in hyperbole that makes them seem as intolerant as those with whom they disagree.

We’d all do better to challenge ideas and doctrines we oppose, offer our own reasons for viewing issues and situations differently. That kind of behaviour leaves open the possibility of exchange of ideas and perhaps finding productive ways to get others to reconsider their own views.

Of course it seems more amusing to act out and belittle those whose views we abhor. If it accomplishes nothing useful, perhaps we could be more productive to choose an alternate strategy.

Sorry this answer is less fun than offering an outrageous response but I am in a respectful and hopeful mood that urges me to think I can be more effective if I don’t immediately prevent others from considering my views.

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What @CWOTUS said, plus what @woodcutter said.

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Child molesters are completely useless. As a victim and a mother bear, it’s my right to feel that way.

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To be or not to be, that is the question.

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I don’t judge usefulness unless it is a new tool I am buying. In humans, I judge a lot of different attributes, but usefulness is not one of them.

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I don’t think it’s necessary for us to judge whether someone is useless or not, they usually weed themselves out. It tends to be a self evident state.

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I have to agree with YARNLADY above, for anything else would be to judge just based upon a crude assumption. None of us are without sin however, so to me in most circumstances if/when any of us are deeming another as useless/worthless we likely are being judgemental (and hypocritical) in some way by default.

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Judging someone else to be useless is rarely done with much thought. Those who make such judgements may have serious problems.

Your worth is for you decide after you have tried to find out by experimentatation what things you are good at and what activities don’t produce results that satisfy you.

It’s up to you to discover your own strengths and then use that knowledge to pursue those activities that bring you satisfaction and perhaps respect or adviration from others.

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