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Should I fertilize my aloe plant?

Asked by b (1873points) November 10th, 2006
I have a young aloe plant, and I would like to see it grow a bit faster.
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aloe plants need a LOT of sunlight to grow. Your best bet is probably to put it somewhere where it gets more direct light. Also, re-potting it in a slightly larger pot might help it to grow faster.
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and also, aloe plants need very little water, you might fertilize it once in a while, although I'm not an expert on this...
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I only water my aloe once a month. I heard that aloe is a shade plant, and is hurt by sunlight. It also is in a big pot. Thanks!
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definitely don’t water too often, but I know that my aloe plant definitely likes the sun! you can see the bright green new growth that occurred after I moved it to a sunnier spot..

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