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Do you plan on selling your old iPhone?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

if you already sold it, how much did you get?

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Im selling it to my sister for iunno how much yet

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I’m a first gen iPhone owner love it. Although I think the 3G iPhone sounds great. I’m not sure if it had enough changes on it to justify a trade up. Just a slightly faster Internet speed and GPS( I have tomtom for that ) and knowing the history of apple they will make it better
at least I have one and I have the first so I will sit and wait

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I’ve decided to keep mine. Although I’d save money on the new phone, I’d end up paying the difference with the “new” data plan. Or, would I be able to keep my old plan with one of the new phones? Answering a question with a question.

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I work at at&t and yes the 3G data plan is 10 bucks more. A shame. But than again most carriers are about the same price. I think they should have kept it at 20 and add the extra later for new customers

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I think the Macalope sums it up well:

…if you already have an iPhone, the first year of an iPhone 3G is going to set you back an additional $319 (the Macalope prefers to look at just the first year rather than the full two years of the contract since it’s likely that another iPhone will be released a year from this one). Now, depending on your usage, that’s pretty reasonable for faster data, GPS, better battery life and, let’s face it, bragging rights to your superior powers of conspicuous consumption.

But the Macalope’s usually not far from his trusty MacBook or a WiFi connection, so the speed gain isn’t worth the additional cost to him. Reasonable adults can make their own decisions.

Don’t forget, the old iPhone will also get the 2.0 firmware update and access to all the new 3rd party apps. Life ain’t too shabby either way.

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@hollister, I’m not really breaking my contract by replacing my phone am I?

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if you have a first gen iPhone and want the 3G iPhone at the discounted price. Yes you will have to agree to a new 2 year contract

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@hollister, I wonder how changing phones affects your contract? I should actually read through my documentation. I mean, a lot can happen in two years. Lost phone. Broken phone. You know what I’m saying.

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they way they see it there are giving you an expensive phone for half the price. They are eating the cost but in return you are agreeing to a contract. As far as what happens to your phone? Take good care of it.

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@Hollister, I hope I’m not putting you on the spot, because it’s not my intention. But, let me ask this in a slightly different way. Does everyone with AT&T automatically get a new contract whenever they switch phones? Let’s say I had a Bkackberry instead, and I upgrade to a newer one. New contract? Or existing contract?

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new contract. Hey come on now why would u leave us? We just getting started. The phones will get better and so will the network

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but to try to answer your ? Better. On any upgrade you are required a new contract when you purchase the phone (including iPhone) at discounted price

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If @Hollister will allow me to paraphrase, it’s the “discounted price” part of the deal that requires the “new 2 year contract”.

Buy it at full price and then AT&T is no longer subsidizing the cost of the phone. Hence no need to lock you into contract.

Question is, will AT&T allow you to buy it unsubsidized?

Last I heard, the purchase of the original iPhone required 1) activation, 2) credit card, and 3) limit 1 per customer. Will those requirements change for iPhone 3G? Will there be more?

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@robmando. You are correct. Thanks. I am at work and on phone. Sorry so brief.

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Will the iPhone no longer be able to be purchased from an Apple Store?

And, not to be a pain in the ass, shouldn’t there be a second, higher price for there to actually be a “discounted” price?

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well the 3G phone will now be required for activation in house(at at&t or apple store) no more iTunes activation. The phone is advertised at 199 because of at&t’s subsidizing

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@birdlegleft… that’s what @Hollister and I have been intimating… the only published price for the iPhone 3G in the U.S. is the $199 subsidized price.

There’s some sort of tethering operation to be required on the iPhone 3G to get it working. Too bad. I really saw the in-home activation as a significant market differentiator (allowing one to purchase direct from Apple and receive it in the mail.)

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@robmandu, I was trying to be a little cheeky. And, I thought the at-home activation was pretty kick ass too.

So. . . . what happened to those un-sold first generation iPhones? I can’t believe they coveniently sold out just as the 3G was announced.

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Hell, I might have represented the “tethering” bit wrongly… see this relevant text:

The current iTunes activation process will no longer be required for iPhone 3Gs, however a short tether process to unbrick the 3G device will be performed in all AT&T stores (tether cords will be provided). Apple stores will also perform this tether process, however in the event that a customer’s device is not tethered in the Apple store, their device will be inoperable until they get home and tether through iTunes.

So maybe, if in-home activation is indeed allowed, then the online Apple Store will be able to sell it.

I think all of that part is conjecture for the moment. I’m just gonna wait and see.

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No, I do not plan on selling my old iPhone.

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No. There is no 3G network around my area. I’ll wait until the network catches up to my area.

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