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Are puka shell necklaces back in style?

Asked by Babo (1798points) June 13th, 2008

Someone just said this and I must know the TRUTH!

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Sorry, the news is looking grim. See this site.

Apparently, according to this article, they’re baaaaaacccccck.

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Maybe in Hawaii or another tropical/beach place.

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@Allie I think they can be found throughout the entire range of the habitat of the North American Lounge Lizard.

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Please god no.

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If you are vacationing in Hawaii! I only wore them while I was in Hawaii, but when I came home they were put away and ended up in the Goodwill box.

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Marina: The probably can be, but they shouldn’t be. =]

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@Allie You are so right.

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Were they ever in style? I’ve seen people wearing them three times in my life, and one of those was on tv. They look tight, and uncomfortable. Like Bill and Hillary in the same car.

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If you have no style.

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In the Black community, they came back and left again.

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right now, i have seen alot of my friends wearing them. (:

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Yes shell necklaces are back in action. And they can be worn with nice summery dresses.

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