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So, how was your week?

Asked by Berserker (33500points) April 12th, 2013

Seems to me that this particular week has been pretty long. I’m glad the weekend’s finally here. Or well, it will be in four and a half hours haha.

So how was your week? Was it cool? Did it suck? Did the weekend take too long to get here? Or perhaps you work on weekends. Or, maybe you don’t have a job. It doesn’t matter. I want to know how your week was.

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Very, very hectic. I have tons of work to do, and we are moving so I am so busy!

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Busy, busy, busy!

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Much, much busier, more stressful but also much happier than most recent ones.

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Well, happy is always good. ^^

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Meh. Same shit. Different day.

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Nothing bad happened. That’s good.

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My week has been quite stressful. I had a promotion board on Tuesday and it was very difficult and then we found out we have to wait an additional week to find out which one of us will actually be getting the promotion. Oh, and it didn’t help that today is my 12th work day in a row. Working for the government can be a real drag sometimes.

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Fuckin awesome. I quit my old job which I hated and am now full time at my other job, which I love. And I got a bomb ass schedule. And I have today and tomorrow off and haven’t had a day off in two weeks. h-o-l-l-e-r.

I also stood up to my fear of the dentist and went for the first time in 4 years. I have nine cavities, no I’m not joking. Luckily they are all small and between teeth, but I don’t even care about that since I’m so proud of myself for actually going!!!!!!!

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Three weeks ago, we were forced to adopt a new workflow which made our jobs simultaneously chaotic and tedious (yes, it was that good). Last week, we presented a united front protesting the changes and this week the “improvements” were abandoned and the planet began to revolve again.
It was a good week.

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Workwise it was somewhat busy with 3 meetings at night.

Personal-wise, it was not the best as I had a personal issue which I won’t get into here, now but it wasn’t particularly pleasant, and was actually a bit depressing.

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Bad. I work in education and this was our first week back after spring break, so it went on and on. Two of my students had significant issues that really weighed down my week. And now I am majorly obsessing over a guy who I am pretty sure doesn’t give two shits about me, who I work with, and to make it worse I can’t even casually mention to a few people there I’m friendly with that I like someone because there are like no other single, young people there and also because I work with my mom. Awkward. And at the same time big changes are coming to my work and I have no idea if come August I will have a job. Which is scary as someone who spent a year unemployed.

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Work and school as usual. Got my hair cut yesterday and spent all day today working on the 4 term papers I have due next week. 29 pages down, 1 to go!

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We started the week by taking the kids to the first train ride of the season. We are members of the California State Railroad Museum Foundation, and get free rides on the train. We had lunch in Old Town, at the Steamer Restaurant after the ride.

My son finally came over to help with the yard work. We rented a rototiller and bought some sod. I now have a lovely lawn on one side of my house. The other side still needs cleaned up, but I have astro turf carpeting for that side.

He then cut down a few trees that were hanging over my pool, and is coming over today to cut up the branches so we can put them out for the trash people.

I had some luck with a meal experiment. I had an unused package of glaze left over from the ham I cooked last week, so I added it to a pot of pinto beans, along with the ham bone and it made a delicious baked ham and bean meal. In fact, I cooked so much that I put two large plastic containers full in the freezer.

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This week, and the one before for that matter, has been a huge mix of great and really sucky. The great is being back in FL! Love the warm weather, the humid air, and all the things I am looking forward to doing in my new locale. The sucky has been unpacking (still have some unpacking to do) amd dealing with a mold problem in my apartment.

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It has been pretty bad, actually. I have spend most of the week in my house, sick and tired. Not a lot of contact with the world. I am kind of in a funk at the moment, but hopefully it’ll pass. Thanks for asking.

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@tups Sorry to hear that.

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Strong :-)

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Excellent. Thank you for asking.

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Royally sucked in every way.

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I have two people who have so far refused to pay me for services rendered. Up until this development I thought it was going ok. I should have stayed home and took care of stuff around here with that energy. And still been broke. as broke

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I’ve had better.

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I’m Batman.

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Good week, for coming back from vacation.

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I broke a tooth (which I got fixed) and my wife’s routine eye exam revealed she may be losing her vision due to optic neve damage. Poor kid had to get an ultrasound and three MRIs of her head. Next week she needs a spinal tap. Ugh.

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It’s been a tiring week but a productive week (short week-end trip, then painting at Mom’s house, and finally finished taxes).

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My mom was moved to a nursing home after a month in the hospital. She’s recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm and surgery. She’s not doing well. I’ve been caring for my husband after a trip to the emergency room over the past weekend. Our daughter is having her tonsils and adenoids removed in less than two weeks and I’m so sick of hospitals at this point, I’m not looking forward to it.

Our daughter was adorable in her school musical yesterday. Best part of my week.

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My week went by very quickly. It was warm, it felt like summer, I’m a second semester/fourth term senior in high school, how bad could it be? Tonight was a great start to the weekend, I just got home around midnight from a Leadership Conference at my school, and it was a blast! There were workshops, and more importantly there was free food, karaoke, a pool, dodgeball, and a moonbounce! It’s been a pretty fantastic week overall and I’m look forward to the weekend! :-)

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Goodness, after reading about the week some of you have had I have no right to complain. To those of you having a horrible time I hope things improve immediately and next week is better.

For me, I just feel swamped by work and competing demands. I cross things off my list only to realise it got longer because of all the crap that I had to add. This is pretty much situation normal but I have times when it gets to me more than usual. Next week it’s my birthday so I will just focus on the positive I think.

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Too busy. So much time has been spent on real project work I did not have time to Invoice the customer. Whenever I would start to do it my hand would move the mouse over to the link for this site. Clearly I come here to hide.
Fortunately I managed to submit the March invoice a little before noon yesterday. Cash will be coming.

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A good week. I got my taxes done and mailed, and I also got a clean bill of health from the radiologist who read my mammogram taken on Thurs.

I am about to pick my first bunch of daffodils from my field and put them in the clear cobalt vase (shown in my avatar and belonging to my maternal grandmother.) The combo of the bright yellow and clear blue evokes good cheer, good luck and the Swedish flag.

I send good thoughts for those of you with serious problems.

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It was fine until Thursday when I had to put my boss in an ambulance. She was in a great deal of pain that presented somewhat like a heart attack, but not quite. It wasn’t (yay!) and she is now fine. And I got some interesting yet difficult homework from my therapist.

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Comme ci, comme ça. It ain’t over yet.

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I filed an extension for my taxes. I’m sure it will come back to bite me later.

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What does that mean? An extension for your taxes? You ask to pay at a later date or to file them at a later date? My tax return is way overdue but they owe me money so I doubt they’ll fine me.

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Mine was like a vacation on the beach. Sorry, @janbb, and all you others who were so busy. Oh yes, and I mailed my tax check to Uncle.

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Sigh. This is reminding me that I need to find time to do my taxes. :(

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Yeah, @glacial! Ya think? The 15th is tomorrow.
We owe to the state. But they, and the IRS, are really easy to work with so I’ll just call them and say ‘Hi,” tomorrow.

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@Dutchess_III But I’m Canadian. The deadline here is April 30. :P

Also, I’ve been late a couple of times and never been penalized. Usually they owe me money, anyway.

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I did mine this week. I hate doing my tax. It’s nearly time to do them again I’m so late.

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Well, that settles it. I’m moving to Canada!

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@Dutchess_III Is that an offer to do my taxes? I accept! :)

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It was the week from hell. I can’t tell you why but god it sucked.

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It was a good week overall, since about half of my life is spent working anyways. It was a good last month for me though since I’ve found that I was qualified enough to bid on a higher paying position which I have a very high chance at getting. I also met a woman at work whom I’ve started dating, a couger on top of that. I never dated an older woman before.

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@Paradox25 Don’t worry about dating a cougar. Love is great wherever you find it.

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We need to do this question every week. I’m not feeling so sorry for myself any more!

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@Adirondackwannabe First girl for me in 12 years (yeah a while), and the workplace seems to be an easy place to meet women. Actually I’ve met alot of women where I’m currently working since there’s a very high percentage of females here, so I’m not going to be posting on here as much as I have in the past since I’ve been seeing this one. I’m taking this very slowly though, but it’s a wierd feeling after spending so much time by myself the past decade.

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@Dutchess_III Ha ha ha….then it would be like Facebook up in here.


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My work week sucked. It was like my hair was on fire all week long. While I got word that I am in for a promotion and get to add a Manager under me to help, it still sucked!
The only silver lining was Volleyball and counting days down to vacation. 5 days to vacation!!!!

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My week was pretty low keyed. Uneventful. One lousy date that I had to ask the guy “Have you ever been maced before?” His reply was a simple “no”. Neatless to say I will never see him again…..and move on….but other than that I squeezed in all my errands, paid all my bills on time, and I’m back to being broke for another week LOL! :) Loved this questions by the way! :)

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Great. Always great.

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@Dutchess_III Laughs. I know the feeling. We had vicious lightning last night. I have never seen a meaner strike than I did last night. It hit and I heard three snaps with it. I was diving for cover inside my house.

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My week has been up and down. Had a nice long weekend, including my birthday. But I have a problem crown on a front tooth and it decided that I should not eat corn on the cob. This meant a trip to the dentist yesterday. I like my dentist, but with this job, it is now an hour and 20 minute drive to his office.

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This week has been ok. Had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year. My husband told me I was right (he legitimized one of my neurotic paranoid type fears that I nag about that most people just give me an eye roll). I bought a new bra that I really needed. Oh, and my thyroid is finally slowing down after lowering my meds so my hair has stopped falling out like crazy and feels healthier again (a constant battle for me, but I try to appreciate the good weeks and months when they happen).

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Good. Got a big project finished. Started on a new one that’s been nagging me at the back of my mind. Saw one lovely daughter on Wednesday, saw my other lovely daughter yesterday. On the downside, the cold that I’ve been fighting off for weeks caught up with me and I had to cancel an important meeting. So today I’m staying home and snuggled up warm in bed.

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Fantastic! I passed both of my comprehensive exams for my Master’s Degree! All I need to do is bust out two final papers next week and finish grading for my composition class.

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My week was great! I had Monday and Tuesday off, and then graduation practice started. It’s not much fun, but it’s not too terrible. I had to get some shots on Wednesday, but they weren’t too bad! My arms are still sore now, though. After practice yesterday I went out with some friends for frozen yogurt and we just hung out and had an awesome time, I haven’t laughed that much in a long time! Then I went swimming with my sister for the first time this summer. Today was our last day of graduation practice, and we got let out early. Now I’m excited because: a) Graduation practices are finally over (and believe me, sitting in an un-airconditioned gym with 250+ other people on a 90 degree day is not much fun) b) My graduation party is tomorrow and c) I graduate from high school on Monday!! It’s a very exciting time and I can’t wait to head off to college in the fall!

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^^^ Congratulations to you, Auggiesdaughternumbertwo. You are our g daughters, and we are very proud.

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edit: “you and your sisters are our surrogate daughters…”

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Obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant.

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^^^ Nöyristelevä, violetti, ja selvänäkijä.

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Olen iloinen kuullessani tällaisen onni.

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And nobody asks how my week was. Buggers.


Ade due damballa… Give me the power, I beg of you! Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte. Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette. Endenlieu pour du boisette damballa! Endenlieu pour du boisette damballa! Endenlieu pour du boisette damballa!

Lol. Good stuff, folks! :) Well, for those of you who have good weeks…I mean it sucks for the shitty weeks, hopefully it will get better. :/

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And how was your week, @Symbeline, my darling?

Make anybody cry? Any blood spilt? Shall I be watching for rains of toads from your invocation?

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@Blueroses You should be watching for toad storms, but they’ll be bringing you candy and spare change. :D

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