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When cable goes all digital, how will this impact a TiVo with a dual recorder?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Currently, I can record two shows but only one digital channel at a time. From what I’ve heard, all channels will soon be digital. Will I only be able to record one show at a time?

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I’m assuming that you’ll still only be able to record one digital show

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I’m just confused by this? Why is TiVo still selling dual recorders if it won’t be possible to record two programs at the same time?

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This has to do with over the air broadcast transitioning from analog to a digital signal.
This will not affect cable or satellite in any way.

To answer your question though. You need a cable converter box for each tuner in the Tivo.

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that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks tekn0lust. TiVo should disclose this info!

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Which tivo version do you have!? I don’t know of a tivo box that has that limitation…

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