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Anyone using Fluid know where to get cool free icons?

Asked by fedesilva (16points) June 13th, 2008

I have recently discovered and it is great. The downside is that the favicons from the sites are too low res. I would like some better looking ones so if you know where to get icons for fluther, remember the milk and gmail please answer.

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There’s a Flickr pool called The Fluid Icons Pool which has heaps (211 to be precise) of icons for most popular websites. Here’s some for Fluther, Gmail and Remember the Milk

A lot of them need to be viewed in full-view to remove all the black parts.

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awesome, the campfire icon got bigger ! last time i checked it was still small

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Thats where I got all mine, Heres a cool link for how to set up a Muxtape fluid app using cover flow to create a jukebox , i also use it for my radio station.

Does anyone else have a muxtape? mine is

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@bluemukaki thanks a lot!

@Stocky thanks for the links.

Just discovered fluther and already loving it!

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@stocky: Fluther has a Muxtape! Its Enjoy!

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Cool, Thanks

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This one’s already mentioned:


Fluid is terrific. Discovered it this weekend. I’m addicted already.

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