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How much is an appropriate amount to spend on a baby gift?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

My brother and his wife are having their first baby in a few weeks. We usually spend $25–50 on birthday gifts. I just don’t know the scope and expectations around baby gifts, as this is the first time for all of us. Thanks!

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We always dig deeper for close family…I’m not sure that’s too helpful. But if you have any spare cash, start a savings acc’t for the baby. Maybe others will follow suit; in 18 years the little guy will have his/her college fund. Skip the onesies and stuffed bears.

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For my shower my mom and sisters put their money together and bought some expensive items on our registry like the stroller and car seat. The rest they put into diapers, wipes and hygiene kit.

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gift cards to target are always helpful. Only the most shallow person will complain about the amount you are comfortable with.

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The best gift you can get anyone is a case of diapers from a Costco or Samsclub etc.

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My brothers first child is due in two weeks, we saved a little and got them a really nice digital camera. They didn’t have one and wanted one by the time the baby was born, so we surprised them
with one. They were glad they didn’t have to spend the money to get one.
So its really up to you and what you can afford. Id splurge alittle if its someone close to you.

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Just get what you can, and what you feel is right. If your fam is so judgemental that they will make a big deal if you don’t spend enough, wow. I was happy to get anything. lol That meant we weren’t buying it. Diapers are probably the most important thing they will need a ton of.

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A beautiful gift from the heart is nice, don’t worry about the price. Something unique and special doesn’t always have to be expensive.

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Are your brother and his wife registered anywhere? If so, just get what you can from the list. I would be careful about buying too many diapers right away. My daughter was very allergic to some brands, so I had to throw alot away when she was a baby. I heard that Walmart is very good about exchanging them, but it’s had for a new Mom to get out to do that. So far, I have spent a little over $500.00, but that’s because it’s for my first Grandson, and it’s my job to spoil both him and my daughter! Onesies (sp?) sleepers are always appreciated. You could get several in both newborn and 3–6 month sizes. You can’t go wrong with them!

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