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Graduation gifts?

Asked by Optimism101 (101points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

This girl who I like graduates college this week, how much is acceptable to spend without letting her know how much I like her

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one thousand dollars. Then ask her out.

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So, like, she’s just a good friend (as she sees it right now)? Why don’t you want to let her know you like her? Maybe get her something really fun for graduation…as in something she likes that you could both do together? Something that’s not that expensive so you don’t come off as some crazy infatuated person, but something that comes off as “hey, this was not that big of a deal, but I know you’d enjoy going to this, and we could get together and go”

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hmm well u can get her flowers.. a bear? or like girlofscience said you can take her somewhere

maybe to a concert.. out to eat or something fun to celebrate
or maybe something having to do with the major she graduated with.. something cute that will make her go AWWWWWWHHH! and make her notice you more, and then maybe you can make your move ;]

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What I did is I went to all the stores she likes and if I found something she likes bought it if not then just a gift card then I put it in a box with a stuffed animal that she likes as well with the flowers and rose petals.. which she likes as well.. It totalled like 300 but the set up shows all the thought I put into it…

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Looks like you’ve already decided what you’re going to do then. Why ask us?
Are you just looking for reassurance that you’re not going to blow your cover when she realizes how much you spent? If I’m her, getting that kind of gift from a friend would really raise my eyebrows.

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yeah me too.. i would be weird getting a gift with all that stuff.. i would probably not accept it if its all that stuff.. u should ask her out. because if you give it to her just like that then shes going to get suspicious

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