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Which suburb of Chicago is the newest/cleanest?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

It doesn’t have to be “fun” or have lots of things—just trying to figure out which Chicago suburb is the newest (perhaps planned?) and also the cleanest.

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Woodstock, in rural, but close McHenry County

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I beg to differ with kelly, but Woodstock is neither new nor a suburb. As defined here. As for cleanest, try River Forest or Oak Park. Neither are new. Hemmingway and Frank Lloyd Wright called Oak Park home. River Forest boasts some of the most beautiful old homes in the nation. It’s all in what you appreciate as “clean”.

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I know about Oak Park because a friend lives there and I have visited several times. It is beautiful and has character.

When I say “clean,” I mean… new buildings, nice streets, etc. Basically, something built recently rather than something that developed organically over time. I am trying to figure out if there is a place near Chicago that is similar to Irvine, California (which is considered by some to be a very boring place but I like it).

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I grew up in Oak Park, so I couldn’t help but respond. Great town, but doesn’t meet your specifications, as you said.

I haven’t lived in the area for several years, but from growing up there, I can point you north and west of Chicago. That seems to be where the major planning and development is, especially west. Maybe Naperville or Aurora. Does it matter to you how far away from the city you’d be?

This Wikipedia article on Chicagoland gives some solid demographic data. And this forum discussion I found for you discusses crime and desirability amongst suburbs for a person moving from southern California.

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Visit to get information about crime, etc.

Why the suburbs?


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I am very familiar with Irvine, and I think you might like the new developments around Libertyville. Larry

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