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Is it safe to take beta blockers and aspirin?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) April 16th, 2013 from iPhone

I’m paranoid now. I took a 10mg beta blocker and an hour later my tooth ached like crazy so I took an Advil.

I couldn’t find anything about the medications mixed but it’s low doses. Now in kind of scared

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Well Advil isn’t aspirin for one thing. But it’s safe to take a beta blocker with either medication.

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It should not be a problem if the beta blockers were prescribed by your physician.

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I have been taking a beta blocker with aspirin for 13 years, and occasionally take an advil. No trouble.

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One Advil? Did it do anything? Should be fine to take them together.

Listen to @Rarebear about calling Advil Aspirin, they are not the same medication. Advil is ibuprofen. Sometimes ibuprofen is ok when aspirin isn’t so it is important not to use the words interchangeably. For young children who have a viral cold aspirin can be dangerous and not recommended while ibuprofen is ok. Also, aspirin can increase bleeding, so after surgery (like if you get your wisdom teeth pulled) Advil will be ok to take, but aspirin is not ok. Of course, check with your doctor before taking anything after surgery, don’t go by what I have written here.

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