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Is it possible that humans are unnaturally attracted to Gold and Silver by design (details inside)?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) April 17th, 2013

Lets say by aliens that create humans, as a biological tool, to collect certain items over time.

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I imagine in ancient times a shiny piece of silver or gold had the same effect as in
present times the Huge TV ( 80 Inchers) appeal to people.
I think that was the first time that materialism really took off?

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UNnaturally? If human beings were designed with that trait (designed at all, by anyone or anything), wouldn’t that make it a natural trait?

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You’ve been watching the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series too much. Gold and silver are pretty evenly distributed throughout the Universe. They are created whenever a massive star supernovas. The notion that some incredibly advanced alien culture mounted an effort to travel over many light years of space and genetically engineer humans to act as slaves to get what their robotics could easily provide them in their own local area is about as preposterous as anything gets. Apparently, utter absurdity is what it takes to qualify for the His-Story Channel these days.

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What if we’re not really humans at all, but lizards who only think we’re human? Or maybe we’re just players in a gigantic and, as far as we know, realistic-looking video game?

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I can’t answer for other humans or space aliens . But I’m attracted to gold as a hedge against my stock market investments, weak economy, an ever weakening dollar and an unknown and unforgiving future.

“Silver is a junk metal”. -Jim Cramer

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It is possible but Occam’s Razor‘s_razor says it is very unlikely.

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I think prehistoric people liked it because it was shiny. They treasured it because it became valuable, and that value has only increased over time. Most valuable things are shiny in some way. Even some animals (apes, crows, bower-birds, some species of fish) are attracted to or collect shiny things. So I think it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon.

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No, I think their value is because of their rarity. Other shiny metallic things do not attract us like gold and silver do. Same thing with diamonds, which to my way of thinking are not the most beautiful of the gemstones.

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