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How should i go about getting another dog?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) June 13th, 2008

im thinking of getting another dog, but my current dog is very territorial and barks at almost any other dog in its vicinity. i tried going to the spca, but they wont let us foster the dogs for a week, to see ho my dog will react. any other ways to get my dog to get used to new company would be great.

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Try looking for some other rescues in your area. There are many that are breed specific as well. The SPCA is not your only option when it comes to adopting a dog. Some of these other rescues already foster dogs out to homes so they may bemore willing to work with you. A lot of times these rescues will state that if things do not work out between you and the dog that it must be returned to their rescue. If you have a hard time locating other rescues in your area try googling or asking some of the local veterinarians in your area. Good Luck!! I commend you for wanting to adopt!!

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Introduce the dogs outside on leash—a neutral place. While he barks at strange dogs, he is likely to be fine with a dog you bring in after you introduce them.

Has he ever been OK with a particular type of dog or sex of dog? If so, follow that in picking out another dog.

Also, I am assuming your dog is neutered or spayed. That’s pretty important.

Good luck.

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have your dog play nice with a friends dog before picking up another dog….

My dog is the same way but he ends up getting friendly with others.

My ex’s sister had three and they all played nice after the introduced themselves.

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I KNOW I KNOW!!! Ok. Buy a fairly tall baby gate (so they can’t jump over it) and put one dog on one side and the other on the other side. Keep them seperated for a while then you can put them on leashes (have another person help you) and let them get to know each other a little more. the trick is to slowly do this. if you mix them right away, they might hurt each other

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How old is your dog? Just like old people, at a certain age, he may be too old and set in his ways to change. Have you thought about taking him to the SPCA to see how he would do with a dog you are considering? He may not be so agressive if he is on the other dog’s home turf. Marina has a good idea about introducing them in a neutral place.

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she’s 7, but we’ve only had her for 2 years. the other family had the same structure (same ages of kids, similar neighborhood, etc…).

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Get a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd.

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