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Have you submitted a DNA sample to any of the DNA genealogy mapping services?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) June 13th, 2008

Do you think this has any merit or will turn into a farce like Star Naming?

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ive thought about it, and actually gone into the center to pick up a package, but i didnt actually do it. there was a sign on the wall that had a certificate for contributing to the dairy industry, and my suspicions are that they do some sort of tests with dna mutations. i was a bit scared and i never went back. ill just use

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At least the government cannot yet compel this from us. No.

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in California anyone who is convicted of a violent crime has to submit DNA into a database, the offenders DNA is then compaired to DNA evidence from unsolved crimes. Dont you just love forensics??
; )

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Every member of the armed forces has to submit DNA as well. But those samples and those collected from fellons as cheebdragon points out are sent to a completely different databases.

This is really a sticky wicket for me. I love the concept of what DNA could tell us about connections, but I sure don’t like the path you have to travel to get there…

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