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Any good ideas for a slightly expensive dad's day gift?

Asked by johnny (335points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to get him some thing that is in like the $100— $250 range. If you have any good ideas it is greatly appreciated.

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I got my dad an iPod touch for his birthday last week and he loves it. but its a little more expensive than your looking. For fathers day I was thinking either a beer, wine or cigar of the month club. there are a few out there im still looking into the best one.

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a subscription to gentlemen’s quarterly. it has great products in there taht make great gifts.

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There’s this awesome TV remote that ESPN makes that can surf the internet and even change the channel.

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That remote is sweet it makes me want to have children so they can buy me one

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A full tank of gas.

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@Johnny, can you say what kind of guy he is? What kinds of things he likes? That would help.

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How a “Fluther T-Shirt?” ? And since you are in the ordering mode “The fluther Book” Bet he’d get a kick out of it!
You could always give him gift card at the Sharper image or BestBuy or buy tickets to Major Baseball game for the both of you.

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Sharper Image is having financial trouble- for now I would not get a gift card from there.


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