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Anyone here seen Paul McCartney live? If so, what was he like?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11128points) April 22nd, 2013

He may tour near where I live and to see him is on my bucket list.

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Yes, I saw him perform with Wings. it was a very good show. it was a number of years ago though.

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I haven’t seen him in person, but the last time he was in the Bay Area he got rave reviews. His voice is still in good shape and he put son a good show, from what I hear.

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I did, in the ‘80s, in Phoenix, when he was with Wings. He was great.

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I saw him a couple of years ago (my parents were Beatle fans)
I gotta say, for an older dude, he can really rock with the best.
Plus, he (wisely) surrounded himself with young guys who could really play.
Great show. Go

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I caught the second half of his set at Glastonbury Festival in 2004, he certainly had the crowd behind him, if you get the chance to see him I would probably say do it.

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Yes, three times.

He loves to tour and perform live concerts, and it shows. He puts his heart and soul into every song. He’s remarkably energetic, and his voice is as strong as ever.

He’ll do a wide variety of Beatles songs, which will sound exactly like the recordings. Sir Paul believes that a completed song is a finished work, and he won’t change the arrangements. (This is a marked contrast to Bob Dylan, who views his songs as works-in-process. Dylan never performs the same song twice. He alters his arrangements, and you get a version of “Like a Rolling Stone” that you’ve never heard before and will never hear again.)

Sir Paul will also showcase his most recent works. In my opinion, his new stuff is mostly dull and forgettable. But, that’s just me; you might love his new songs.

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