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Are lemons bad for me?

Asked by dxs (14756points) April 22nd, 2013

I eat lemons very often. Something tells me that their acidity is unhealthy for me however. Will they cause any problems with my teeth or stomach or something? Any benefits of eating them? Are they good for someone trying to gain weight?

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Their Good for you, but their acids weaken your teeth enamel.. also wash them well to get the pesticides off of them..

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It can eat away your tooth enamel.

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They’re fine. Just brush your teeth.

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There was recently a fact sheet that supposedly (but in fact did not) come from I think it was Johns Hopkins saying that lemons were a cure all for everything from the common cold to cancer. I don’t believe that, but I don’t think they hurt you, if your gut can deal with the acid.

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They ARE detoxifying. (Or so I have heard.)

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If you put a tooth in lemon juice, the tooth may be damaged. The same thing happens if you put it in a glass of cola. It’s the long bath of it that causes the damage. Drinking lemon juice or cola doesn’t do damage just passing it through your alimentary canal. Brushing your teeth also limits any damage that could be done.

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My dentist says not to brush your teeth directly after eating or drinking anything acidic. Apparently, the tooth enamel is already at risk in that case, and the scrubbing action will hurt it even more. He says to wait half an hour and drink water or milk before brushing. Maybe you should ask your dentist for his suggestions.

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they are good and useful for skin whitening.

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My dad is a dentist and when I was a kid, he told me to stop chewing/sucking on lemons because it would harm tooth enamel.

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Thanks for all the responses. I brush my teeth before and after I wake up. I never drink soda either, only water and milk.

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No, not at all. It good to maintain your blood pressure and it has high resource of vitamin c and it consumed through diet can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and might prevent cataracts.

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How can one brush one’s teeth before waking up? Sleep brushing? Does that happen?

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@MooHamEd Oops. I meant to say before and after I sleep.

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