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If horse is o.k. to eat in the America then how long will it take fast food to include horse meat?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) April 22nd, 2013

Or even Taco Bell Chihuahua meat? Don’t run for the border, just run for the bathroom.

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There’s a whole world of difference between purposefully serving a 100% horse-burger and getting duped by your wholesaler into thinking that the meat you are buying is really pure beef when it’s not. The UK horsemeat scandal was fraud on the part of abbatoirs involved.

There’s a public resistance to eating an animal that is more often regarded as a pet, an athlete or a useful working animal. This is reinforced when the media use words like “tainted” and “contaminated”. I think it will be a very long time before horse will be openly and widely on the menu in the US or UK.

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I’ve had horse before. It’s quite good albeit chewy.

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If it’s a race horse then it would be fast food.

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Just in case, I’m going to trademark a few restaurant names:

Neighborhood Grill
Pony Express

Just wait until a “Belgian waffle” is a particularly textured steak…

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Hey…my old neigh-bor was a Belgian, he would resent that. ^^^^ lol
Meh…we’re already eating insect parts and feces and rat hairs…what’s another blip of disgusting? Me? I’d never willingly eat horse meat, I have had too many personal relationships with horses to consider them to be a sandwich.


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The first thing they will have to do is come up with a culinary name for horse meat.

Like, poultry is chicken meat, beef is cow meat, pork is pig meat, etc.

After that, the flood gates will open.

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@josie Cheval, perhaps?

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I dunno. People will call it “tchevel” which sort of sounds like it might be intestines or something

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@Pandora, your answer threw me for a second when I saw my name.

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