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Was there a Saudi suspect in the Texas fertilizer plant explosion?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41921points) April 23rd, 2013

I’m looking at this BS on FB. And there is some argument raging that there was a “Saudi suspect,” says A.
“No, there was a Saudi witness,” says B.
“A Saudi “witness’ would not have invoked diplomatic immunity and be flown home,” Says A.

I want to say something because it’s obviously anti-Obama BS, but I don’t know what to say.

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Don’t say anything. There was a Saudi suspect in the Boston bombing who has since been cleared by the DOJ.

A fertilizer plant in West, Texas would be a very low value target for a terrorist. From what I have seen on the matter the plant explosion was just an unfortunate industrial accident.

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Don’t bother. Some people will reach for anything. I know a guy that actually thinks the Newton shooting didn’t happen and the government caused it to get more Americans against guns. Good job, Obama!

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I know for a FACT that the Boston Bombing didn’t happen. You can tell it’s all contrived and they did a terrible job. It’s like watching a grade B movie.

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Who the fuck shot J.R then, eh…eh?

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Mowgli from The Jungle Book was working with the taliban, illegal fur trade…run Baloo run!!

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Well, Mowgli was a Saudi, so of course he’s into something bad.

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You mean it wasn’t a drone missile?

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The Saudi suspect was flown home under diplomatic immunity to throw you off the real culprit, George W. Bush. Ever since he pulled off the thermite and holographic airplane destruction of the World Trade Center, he’s been obsessed with blowing something else up. This time, ancient aliens returned to Earth to help him pull it off. ~

Want the real culprit? Right wingers who want to deregulate every industry and “let the free market work.” Anhydrous ammonia boils at -28 ºF and explodes violently when it ruptures the containment tank and hits fire. Yet this plant had no sprinkler system, no containment plan, not even a fire alarm system. It was an accident waiting to happen—and it did.

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LOL to the first part.

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